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bladder control operation

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    BURCAM 600541B 2 gallon Pressure Water Tank, Blue
    Home Improvement (BURCAM PUMPS INC.)


    List Price: $39.99
    Price: $39.99

    • Tough, epoxy-baked finish. Pressure tested to 100 psi. Maximum opratiion pressure 75 psi.
    • Replaceable bladder. Made from butyl rubber to increase reliability and life span.
    • No water-air contact, rust free operation. No water-tank contact, eliminates seeping. No waterlogging, eliminates the need for air volume control.
    • Designed for water systems equipped with a jet pump.
    • Connection 3/4'' NPT through-tank connection, easy hook up with tee. Factory pre-charged at 28 psi.

    Onezili Car Electric Kettle Boiling 12V Heating Cup 420ML (Black)
    Kitchen (Onezili)


    List Price: $65.58
    Price: $65.58

    • 2. Environmental protection: It has folding mounting, inner cup consists of pyrex glass internal bladder, safety and clean. And outer cup consists of PC poly carbonate plastic cup, prevent from crashing.
    • 1. Energy-saving: It is made of crystal heater from IR company so has good heating efficiency. It can keep water warm efficiently because there is double-layer cup body.
    • 5. Digital display: Boil and keep warm combine separately. The thermal temperature can be changed freely.
    • 4. Intelligent operation: It has microcomputer intelligent control system, so can boil and keep warm precisely
    • 3. Safety: There are multi-protection design, prevent from over-voltage, dry heating, over-current and so on.

The 'Father of Modern Gynecology' Performed Shocking Experiments on Slaves

Roots in the Slave Market

Born in Lancaster County, South Carolina in 1813, James Marion Sims entered the medical profession when doctors didn’t undergo the same rigorous coursework and training they do today. After interning with a doctor, taking a three-month course and studying for a year at Jefferson Medical College, Sims began his practice in Lancaster. He later relocated to Montgomery, Alabama, seeking a fresh start after the death of his first two patients.

It was in Montgomery that Sims built his reputation among rich, white plantation owners by treating their human property. According to Vanessa Gamble, University Professor of Medical Humanities at George Washington University, Sims’s practice was deeply rooted in the slave trade. Sims built an eight-person hospital in the heart of the slave-trading district in Montgomery. While most healthcare took place on the plantations, some stubborn cases were brought to physicians like Sims who patched up slaves so they could produce—and reproduce—for their masters again. Otherwise, they were useless to their owners.

After Gall Bladder removal operation, what avoid to eat and what to eat?

a male person of 30 years has removed Gall Bladder with a minor surgery operation because of Stones, still he has to face digestion problem whenever he taking heavy,oily,spicy food. As he like to eat these kind of food. As he is an indian & there

Well the type of surgery for the gall bladder surgery is not mentioned. I presume that by naming it as minor surgery, you mean that it was Laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Regarding your 1st question what should he eat?

most diary products and faty things will upset him. my sis had her gall bladder out 5 years ago, she gets really poorly if she has cream/ice cream/butter/full fat milk any food containing these as ingrediants,also fatty foods like fried/deep fried, takaways

A close relative of mine had her gall bladder removed many years ago and she is able to eat any foods without problem. The liver will still produce the bile necessary for digestion of fat. Try a little of everything I am confident there will be no problem.

does bladder extrophy operation work?

my son is 5 years old now and he had 2 operations, yet he doesn't have any control on his bladder. his doc says we have to wait till he is old enough and his bladder get bigger to have the third and final operation. other doc says it wont work. any clue?????

Yes, the surgery will enlarge the size of his bladder, allowing better storage and higher chance of continence.