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bladder control operation

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'Going to the loo seemed to take hours': Bob describes being transformed by newly- approved prostate operation that ...

Instead, they have to persuade local health boards — or clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) — to provide funding because UroLift is not a gold standard treatment. This is despite the fact that the £2,000 cost of UroLift is similar to TURP.

But this could be set to change.

Earlier this month health chiefs announced a radical overhaul of how procedures such as UroLift and other ground-breaking ways of treating patients will be funded. 

For the first time, they will be fast-tracked to ensure people get access to the latest medical innovations as quickly as possible.

It means that, in theory, the barriers that doctors face in helping patients get the most up-to-date care will be minimised because, as long as the treatment has already been approved by NHS England, hospitals will be paid back automatically. 

This decision means that hundreds of thousands of men with enlarged prostates like Bob will stand to benefit.

After Gall Bladder removal operation, what avoid to eat and what to eat?

a male person of 30 years has removed Gall Bladder with a minor surgery operation because of Stones, still he has to face digestion problem whenever he taking heavy,oily,spicy food. As he like to eat these kind of food. As he is an indian & there

Well the type of surgery for the gall bladder surgery is not mentioned. I presume that by naming it as minor surgery, you mean that it was Laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Regarding your 1st question what should he eat?

most diary products and faty things will upset him. my sis had her gall bladder out 5 years ago, she gets really poorly if she has cream/ice cream/butter/full fat milk any food containing these as ingrediants,also fatty foods like fried/deep fried, takaways

A close relative of mine had her gall bladder removed many years ago and she is able to eat any foods without problem. The liver will still produce the bile necessary for digestion of fat. Try a little of everything I am confident there will be no problem.

does bladder extrophy operation work?

my son is 5 years old now and he had 2 operations, yet he doesn't have any control on his bladder. his doc says we have to wait till he is old enough and his bladder get bigger to have the third and final operation. other doc says it wont work. any clue?????

Yes, the surgery will enlarge the size of his bladder, allowing better storage and higher chance of continence.