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bladder control problems in dogs

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An old dog teaches owner a new trick

except for turning like a pancake a beforehand or two, he never stirred. Breaking my vintage resolution leaves me with two misgivings: that the younger dog may commiserate with lonely, and if only I could discover the old dog's secret to bladder control.

My Doggie Dilemma

My Doggie Dilemma He's now eight, doesn't review, doesn't steal (much) food, is non-threatening, hasn't had any relevant health problems and would rather have his bladder explode than have an accident in the house. He's a good boy. So that worked out melodic well and we

Is the Use of Formaldehyde on VT Dairy Farms Making People Sick?

Is the Use of Formaldehyde on VT Dairy Farms Making People Sick? Thin, angular and pale, Nall had a necrotic gall bladder removed recently and continues to suffer from other digestive ailments that confound her physicians. She claims her seizures began briefly after the start of manure-spreading season.

RIP 2011: Remembering those who died in the past year

RIP 2011: Remembering those who died in the past year He died of bladder cancer at his Santa Fe, New Mexico, abode. He was 64. Ryan Dunn. American reality actor of the Jackass goggle-box series and movies of the same name. He died in a car accident, possibly caused by the cup that cheers, near his home in West Goshen,

Doctor discovers spine deformities in 3 Cedar Lake siblings

CEDAR LAKE, Ind. — Landon Phillips was patient zero.

After he went to see a doctor for his spine deformity, the physician asked if any of his siblings had similar symptoms. It turns out two of them did.

They subsequently underwent surgery and are doing well. Thanks to Landon.

Actually, their mom, Holly, credits an enterprising doctor who looked beyond the patient in front of her.

“If it wasn’t for her, who knows where we would be?” Holly Phillips said.

It started four years ago when Landon, now 8, had a speech delay. He had an MRI to see if he had lesions on the brain. Doctors discovered he had a Chiari malformation, a condition where a person’s skull is too small, causing the brain to squeeze out into the spinal canal. He was referred to a neurosurgeon at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Dr. Jodi Smith.

Smith asked Phillips if any of her other three kids were exhibiting symptoms like Landon. Well, yes, she said. Her daughter, Kaylie, grew up with motor delays, like trouble walking, and bladder control issues. Her doctors, however, told her parents she’d grow out of it.

I think my dog has a bladder control problem, what do I do?

He seems to urinate (not A LOT) often and its seemingly out of his control. Like just now I went in and he was laying on my brothers bed (ew) and I started petting him, and some urine leaked out , like he didnt have control of it. Sometimes when I am

Some dogs "Piddle" when they get excited, scared or nervous about something. He might be a coward, but it also sounds like you might intimidate him to a certain extent and that he's afraid of you for some reason...Why don't you try being a

Take him to the vet, they'll help you out there...maybe he just needs training of when to go to the bathroom, but on the other hand it could be he has a bladder problem but take him to the vet or to someone to train him for you.

If he's a young dog, he'll probably outgrow it. Otherwise, you might see a vet about medicines and suggestions to help control the problem.

Good luck!

Dog with a possible bladder control problem?

I'm baby sitting my sister's dog and every time someone walks in the room she pees. We have to tie her leash to a chair so she can't get into the family/living rooms where the carpets are. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong with her? Apparently

Either its excitement peeing, or its submission peeing.
Excitement peeing is when the dog is so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to see you, it can't hold its urine. Submission peeing is when the dog is scared of other people, animals, whatnot, that when he is

It sounds like submissive peeing - which means the dog is scared of you.

Either its excitement peeing, or its submission peeing.
Excitement peeing is when the dog is so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to see you, it can't hold its urine. Submission peeing is when the dog is scared of other people, animals, whatnot, that when he is