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bladder control problems in women

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What you need to know about UTIs

Hormone changes, compel on the bladder and increased glucose in the urine mean there is more risk of contracting a UTI. Diabetes. Both men and women with diabetes have an increased gamble of UTIs, even if they control their blood sugar.

Embarrassing Bladder Control Issues Often Curable

Urinary incontinence (UI) affects more than 13 million Americans — mostly women and commonly after childbirth, but it is also plain in men. In fact, one in three women older than 60 is estimated to have bladder control problems.

Bladder problems helped by pelvic floor exercises

They take in controlling the bladder and are used when urinating. In this study, 35 women with MS were divided into two groups, either doing pelvic thrash exercises or a sham (control) procedure. Both groups were trained for 12 weeks, twice a week,

Treating menopause symptoms

Treating menopause symptoms Smoking cessation is extraordinarily important for menopausal women for multiple reasons. Cigarette smoking can trigger hot flashes and is also linked to bladder problems and thinning of the bones. What does examine say about health problems linked to

Diabetes and genitourinary problems

Diabetes is a metabolic/endocrine disorder where the glucose metabolism of the body is disturbed. There is either insufficient production of insulin or body cells become resistant to existing insulin.

Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus as such affects all parts of body due to high levels of blood glucose. The genitourinary system is worst affected causing much suffering. From genital itching, discharge to frequency and urgency of urination, a wide range of symptoms can occur.

Damage to the nervous system, caused by diabetes mellitus leads to multitude of urinary problems. An individual can develop frequency of urination, i.e. passing urine many times in small quantities. Retention of urine can also occur. One can also have urinary incontinence (loss of voluntary control over passing urine) at times. This is a very embarrassing situation for any grown up person.

Patients with diabetes are highly prone to develop urinary tract infections because high levels of sugar in the blood provide a rich medium for infectious microbes to grow. Women are more prone to this problem as short length of urethra (tube connecting bladder to outside for voiding urine), facilitates more easy entry of germs.

bladder problems and pregnancy?

I am 17 weeks pregnant and I am having really bad bladder problems. It started with having to pee all the time and only a little bit coming out. Then, I started noticing watery discharge on my panties. I had to change my panties about 3,4 times a day

Girl Iam one to relate big time!!. the discharge is gross And I hate it just as much. but seeing that baby makes it worth it.! I always am constantly carrying a napkin and wiping myself, :). its gross but you will get used to it!.and the bladder problems

i have that problem, since before during and after pregnancy, try some ural its a powder that you can get from the chemist(its natural) and it help with the infection feeling and the peeing when you do go to the toilet, it may help stop the leakage,

What is the TV commercial for bladder control?

There is a commercial for a bladder control product. I think it may be Detrol LA. Anyway, the woman in the commercial is at a party and she is really embarrased because she thinks that everyone can tell that she has a bladder control problem as if she

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