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    • Essential Everyday Item for Women
    • Travel Pack Compact & Light Weight Box Measures ONLY 6 cm x 7 cm X 2 cm. Weighs only 1oz to 1.2 oz.Small Enough to Fit in the Palm of the Hand. Essential everyday item to carry with you at all times, to ensure you can completely freshen up in any unforeseen situation including when:
    • Your luggage gets lost Unexpected delays or cancellations Unexpected surprise such as your period vaginal discharge sweat odor Unplanned sleepovers Before and/or after intimacy Sneezing excessive laughing that accidental bladder oopsies Long road trips and far travel destinations where a shower is not accessible Long work days Hot Summer Days etc
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    Kegel Exercise Weights-CKSOHOT Ben Wa Balls Dual 10 Speeds Wireless Remote Control - Doctor Recommended for Bladder Control & Pelvic Floor Exercises - Women and Post-Pregnancy Recover(Purple) …
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    Price: $34.00
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    • 🎅Perfect Fit: From new moms to women who conquered menopause,Kegel Exercise Weights allows you to get rid of those urinary incontinence pads,When you are laughing, running, sneezing or coughing can feel confident
    • 🎅Doctor Recommended Kegel Exercise Kit: Specially Used for improving bladder control, women's pelvic floor health and improve live's pleasure. Regular exercise length for kegel balls is between 15-30 minutes a day
    • 🎅Safe and Reliable: Made of medical silicone, soft and comfortable, 100% waterproof, antibacterial, easy to clean. 30 Days No Hassle Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty.
    • 🎅Wireless Control & 10 modes of vibration: Up to 10 meter ( 33 feet) control range,Both the ball and tongue shaped controller are powerful vibrating massagers,each having 10 pulsating patterns.
    • 🎅Quit motor & USB Rechargeable,enjoy wonderful life at any time.

Doing Kegels But Not Noticing A Difference? These 5 Simple Yoga Poses Can Help

“When you look at the pelvic floor, it’s a matrix of muscles connecting your two sit bones, as well as your pubic bone and tailbone,” says Treacy. “Over time—and due to things like pregnancy, sitting too much, and obesity—those muscles stretch out and lose their tone.” What’s more, the joints on either side of your spine, which are held together by connective tissue, get lax, which can actually widen the space between your sit bones by up to an inch. This makes it challenging to tone the pelvic floor muscles even if you’re a Kegel devotee, says Treacy.

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To minimize the space between your sit bones and strengthen the surrounding muscles, Kegels simply aren’t enough. You’ll also need to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and an outer hip muscle called the tensor fascia latae, Treacy explains. “Since these muscles provide structural support to the pelvis, they’re just as important for your pelvic floor health as the internal muscles that Kegels target."

Curious about pregnancy/kegals/birth/loss of bladder control?

I've read different opinions on here on whether doing kegals during and/or after pregnancy is really beneficial so I have some questions for all the women who have or have not done them during and/or after their pregnancy....

How many of

keep your muscles toned is always a great idea. stay active, learn to accept your body's natural functions, and laugh often.

I have had five children, did kegals during and after all of them, for some it helps some it does not. I had major bladder issues after I had my second child and ended up having surgery about five years ago. As far as sex goes, yes there is a difference

bladder control during pregnancy?

ok so I am possibly only a few months into this and I don't really have a bathroom to use at night when I go to bed. I usually wake up around nine but I can't hit the bathroom until who ever is in that room wakes up, so my question is has anyone ever

There are lots of myths surrounding the damage of holding your bladder. But this (for short periods) can help strengthen your pelvic floor. You should be fine don't worry

its beter not to hold it