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Half of women suffer from incontinence after pregnancy — yet it's still ignored

Denise, 55, from Kent, suffered with urinary incontinence for over 30 years. “After I had my first child, Jack, in 1985, I assumed leaking a bit of wee if I coughed or laughed was part and parcel of motherhood,” she remembers. “Some of my mum friends were in the same boat, but if we ever chatted about it we never discussed trying to fix the problem – it was always just with an embarrassed giggle and how we’re learning to live with it.”

A year after her fourth child, Rose, was born in 1994, Denise had a hysterectomy, which she says made her incontinence worse. “Even though I did pelvic floor exercises as suggested by my GP, I had to wear a sanitary towel all the time because the leaking had become so bad,” she explains. “I’d try to pretend it wasn’t affecting my life, but my confidence plummeted. During the day I’d monitor how much I drank so I would never get caught short, but there were so many things I couldn’t do with the kids, such as running around in the park or trampolining.

Curious about pregnancy/kegals/birth/loss of bladder control?

I've read different opinions on here on whether doing kegals during and/or after pregnancy is really beneficial so I have some questions for all the women who have or have not done them during and/or after their pregnancy....

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keep your muscles toned is always a great idea. stay active, learn to accept your body's natural functions, and laugh often.

I have had five children, did kegals during and after all of them, for some it helps some it does not. I had major bladder issues after I had my second child and ended up having surgery about five years ago. As far as sex goes, yes there is a difference

bladder control during pregnancy?

ok so I am possibly only a few months into this and I don't really have a bathroom to use at night when I go to bed. I usually wake up around nine but I can't hit the bathroom until who ever is in that room wakes up, so my question is has anyone ever

There are lots of myths surrounding the damage of holding your bladder. But this (for short periods) can help strengthen your pelvic floor. You should be fine don't worry

its beter not to hold it