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bladder control problems in men

BEYOND LOCAL: Physio could be the answer to painful sex, incontinence, constipation

“How did I not know this was a pelvic floor issue? Why didn’t my doctor send me here sooner? Do you have other patients with problems like mine?”

As a physiotherapist, I hear these questions again and again, from people of all ages and genders, who are struggling with issues related to the urinary system, sexual function and the lower digestive tract .

Adrian is one example. A 35 year-old active cyclist and successful professional, he has a nagging pain in the private parts that just won’t go away. It is interfering with his sporting activities and ruining his sex life. Pressure from the bicycle seat, the ambitious effort to cycle 100 kilometres in record time, and the stress from a crazy week at work have all resulted in pelvic floor muscle tension and chronic pelvic pain .

Then there’s Lisa, a 63 year-old woman who is ready to become involved in a new relationship. In her search for a companion, she explores online dating and begins to realize that sex may be involved sooner than later. She worries that she may not be ready, physically, not having had sex for quite a few years, and wonders what she could do to improve her vaginal comfort and physical confidence.

men, u really need to give me an answer here.?

would u go out with a girl who has bladder problems, under-control depression, ocd also under control by tablets but has a great personality, full of fun and laughter and great attitude, always smiles no matter how bad she feels but just wants to make

I would. I look past all those thing because it is the person that matters most......those other things you have to deal with made you the person who you were and if you got rid of them you would not be the same...what does not kill you will only make

No, I would not go wioth a girl like that, there are lots of women with nice character. why don't you find another one? She has to do her whole life on tablets! And what about the children? talk to ur doc!

the issued can be corrected with visits to a doctor.. but to answer your question.. I sure would.. it's all about the personality to me.

Does anyone think it's a problem when a man openly admits that he is weak...?

and that he looks for a girl who he can rely on emotionally and is strong? Can a girl really prop a guy's emotions up without getting tired? I'm tired-working in a high stress job, suffer from insomnia, brother is heavily reliant on me to take care

OK, its kinda weak of a man to say he needs someone strong so he can lean on. F**k that. Yes a man does need support to put him back on his feet, call it motivation, but if he just puts no effort to be a man than mama he's a wussy. I dont mean to be mean

Well we know how weak he is...... Wonder how strong he is in other areas that might support your weakness. Let me guess you have none...............

Although this might sound selfish, the bottom line is that you must consider yourself in this issue FIRST. You are already aware of the emotional issues with this man. It seems that you are already aware that you want and need someone more emotionally