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bladder control after prostate surgery

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The fight over robots in the operating room

The patient, a 70-year-old man with high-risk prostate cancer, was a Jehovah’s Witness.

His religion was one of the reasons he decided to undergo surgery at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, home to a robot named da Vinci whose steady metal hands can remove a prostate with scant risk of the blood transfusions forbidden by the man’s faith.

On a recent afternoon, the patient laid unconscious on an operating table as surgeon Bobby Shayegan and his team plunged a camera and three robotically controlled surgical instruments through small incisions in his abdomen.

Dr. Shayegan settled himself in front of a three-dimensional screen, clasped the two joysticks that controlled the tools inside his patient’s pelvis and proceeded to cut, cauterize and stitch until he freed the man’s prostate, pulling it out through one of the original incisions.

There was next to no blood.

“That was routine,” Dr. Shayegan said afterward, holding the plum-sized gland that he and the robot had removed together. “Very routine.”

Does anyone know anything about surgery for a bladder sling or artificial sphincter to control incontinence.

No bladder control after prostate surgery.

Hi Billie,
Working as biofeedback therapist in a urology office I had the chance to work with a number of men after prostate surgery. Many of them, were able to regain complete control once they learned how to do kegel exercises correctly. We

haven't heard of any. that's the problem with prostate surgery; the muscles are so damaged that it's impossible to shut off the urethra completely. And incontinence is a very common problem following this surgery.

yes they can do this. often times women lose control of their sphincter after childbirth. the more children, the higher the possibility. the nerves can be damaged and a surgeon can tighten things up. hope you feel better soon.

I had prostate surgery, what is the quickest way to get my bladder control back?

I am still leaking after nine weeks and have to use a clamp

This problem is not unusual with this type of surgery. TIME is the only thing that will help the nerves to regrow and sometimes that does not happen for sometime. ASK you Physician as there are some prescription medications available to assist you.

this is a better question for your doctor, not stranger

Ditto on the doctor response.
I've been through the surgeries with the bladder and prostate. What'd you get done and how?