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bladder control at night

Our 7-year-old is still bed-wetting, and we don't know what to do

A: Ah, nighttime potty training: the nightmare of so many parents. Your child trains like a champ during the day, only to struggle keeping dry at night, for years and years. This is shocking for parents. How can the child be consistently toilet-trained every day, and then not be able to control their bladder at night?

Well, it turns out there’s a lot we don’t know about nighttime bed-wetting (or nighttime incontinence/nocturnal enuresis). It is extraordinarily common, especially in children younger than 7. Even after that age, many doctors see incidences of bed-wetting, and a majority of these incidences do not have a medical cause. It seems that most children are simply deep sleepers and/or have an “immature bladder,” meaning it can’t store urine for an entire night. Many cases of bed-wetting are hereditary. It is also worth noting that boys suffer from bed-wetting far more than girls, and cases like this solve themselves in time.

i want to know how to lose bladder control at night. please tell me how.?

Why do you want to be incontinent at night?

from experience i know you need to go to a doctor or just pee before bed its not bad. if you have anxity then it could be that to

uhm do you mean that you dont want to go the toilet at nite? well if you never had that problem, then it might be caused by an inffection in the urine ways, and you need to see a doctor, stress levels can also make you pee more than usual, or cold weather

bedwetting- my 6 year old cannot control bladder at night- any tips?

My 6 year old has NEVER been dry at night.
She goes to bed at 8 o clock, i always ensure she's been to the toilet and she isnt allowed to eat or drink anything after 5 o/c.
She has a potty in her room.
I go up and wake her betw 11-

This is a very common problem hon... a lot of kids are very heavy sleepers and can't wake up when they have to go, so they sleep right through it. Most of the time too is that the child's bladder hasn't grown as fast as the rest of their body.

If I said to you that some person was denying their child water for more than 12 hours a day - would you think that was a bad thing? Cause that is what you are doing .........??

She is 6 - she will eventually gain bladder control - wouldnt