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    ApexM Bladder Control Incontinence Device | Cures Stress & Urge Incontinence | Kegel Exerciser | Scientifically Proven to Cure Bladder Leakage | USA Made, FDA Cleared | by Incontrol Medical
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    InControl Medical

    List Price: $399.00
    Price: $399.00
    You Save: $100.00 (25%)

    • To make your sessions EASY, the ApexM has a FREE iPhone companion app (Android in Development) to guide you through your sessions.
    • Strengthens your pelvic floor muscles as a kegel exerciser - leads to FASTER RECOVERY post-childbirth, STOPS unwanted bladder leakage from laughing, coughing, or exercising.
    • Not only for bladder control. Our patented incontinence device uses a muscle stimulation algorithm to strengthen & tone pelvic floor muscles which will ENHANCE INTIMACY.
    • The ApexM not only cures STRESS incontinence like the Apex but also cures URGE incontinence + OVERACTIVE BLADDER and STOPS bladder leakage in women.
    • Short EASY Sessions - Each session is only 10 minutes, 6 days per week. Cure urinary incontinence in the privacy of your home.

    Kegel Balls- OUREIDA Kegel Exercise Weights - Bladder Control Device and Pelvic Floor Exercise Kit - Set of 4 Premium Silicone Cones Ben Wa Balls for Women: Beginner & Advanced
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    List Price: $21.99
    Price: $21.99

    • FIT FOR ALL WOMEN: Whether you're just have a baby or enjoying your golden years, we have the perfect fit and training system tailored to you & your goals
    • BODY SAFE SILICONE: Manufactured with premium body-safe silicone which is super soft,non-toxic and odorless, phthalate free and skin-friendly
    • EASY TO CLEAN: The seamless and soft exterior of these kegel exercisers are made from non-porous material, allow for thorough cleaning
    • SCIENTIFIC TRAINING: Five Progressive Training Procedures, from light to heavy, reduce female vaginal response and allow for lasting progress
    • KEGEL EXERCISE KIT: Come with weighted interchangeable 30g and 40g balls, you can replace and assemble them into different weight as you like, use each weight for 15 minutes a day and you'll feel the difference about a week

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Should I wear my bladder control device with my spandex jogging suit? It fits a little snug.?

Lmao...woohoo..that's a sexy look. Who might start a new fad!


If it can't be seen, and you really need it, then YES!

With the aging of the baby boomer generation will my idea of a soap opera, "The Old and the Rested" catch on?

In the very first episode, Victoria discovers that her tummy tuck surgeon has been secretly sending his Viagra prescription to the address of her arch rival Fanny Livft, while her husband has just lost his job becausing of an embarrasing bladder control

Did you see those other Soaps?, "One Face you GIve"; General Geriatrics Hostpital, All My Grand Children, and As The Hair Turns?

lol...but will Brad wear pink ........

No one would watch with a title like the old and the rested. Everyone, regardless of their actually age, does not consider themselves old. The only ones who will call themselves old are the people who are really really old, somewhere up beyond their