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AUA 2019: Preventing Falls in Older Women with Overactive Bladder: The Impact of Fesoterodine on Falls Risk, Physical Functioning, and Balance

The authors conclude that treatment of older women with OAB with fesoterodine is effective for reducing urinary symptoms while maintaining safety in respect to physical activity, cognitive function, and fall risk. Interestingly, there was no increase in physical activity along with the improvement in urinary symptoms. Overall, the study lacks a control group and the follow-up time is short. In order to adequately assess the risk of cognitive decline and with fesoterodine the follow-up period would need to be lengthened to at least one year and beyond. Nonetheless, given the significant impact that OAB has on quality of life in older women, the risks of treatment with anticholinergic medications are often outweighed by the benefits received by them, and this study provides valuable preliminary data regarding the effects of fesoterodine in this elderly female population. In patients who are not candidates for anticholinergic medications due to fall risk or cognition, clinicians can consider

Will a female dog in heat have bladder control problems?

We just adopted a one-year-old little papillon and I think she is going into heat. Do female dogs in heat have bladder control problems? She seems to "dribble" a little bit of pee-pee from time to time and I am hoping it has to do with being

It is less expensive to wait until she is done being in heat, but I don't think that the bladder control issue has to do with that. She may just piddle a little when she gets excited. I had a lab mix that did that and never really outgrew it.

Females in heat will often "mark" to attract males. Or she could have a UTI.

Yes, they can be fixed while in season but it's more involved. Please consult with your vet on this.

A female client of mine has a bladder control problem. She wet her pants in front of me. How can I help her?

She frequently has random urges and runs to the bathroom. I am friends with her, and she confided in me that she has bladder issues. What should I do?

You can tell her to see a doctor.

she just gets excited to see you