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Medical Mystery: Kids who can't stop going

Medical students and residents who are still in the early parts of their training echo these concerns.

“I think he/she might have a urinary tract infection,” a first-year pediatric resident said after completing a lengthy history and physical exam. “I’m worried about diabetes in this 4-year-old,” a third-year medical student stated with confidence, as he described the sudden onset of frequent urination in the patient he just examined.

After delving a little more deeply into the history of each one of these children, what are almost always missing are the other telltale signs of a UTI, such as pain with urination. Nor do we hear about constipation, which can push on the bladder, causing more need to pee. Or a child drinking more than usual, starting to wet the bed, or experiencing weight loss, all signs of type 1 diabetes.

After hearing the parents, residents, and medical students stories, and after performing my own history and physical exam, I perform a urinalysis in my office, confident that it will be normal. I’m also confident that the child who can’t hold his urine in for more than a few minutes has a disorder that is medically benign, but potentially more difficult than those that respond to medication.

Children and bladder control issues?

my family is going through a nasty, devastating divorce and to help keep our mind off of it our neighbors invited us over for dinner tonight-well my sister is 12 and a half years old and she has been helping me take care of our four other siblings (six

Remind her to go to the bathroom more often so it doesn't get uncontrollable. She may just be forgetting.

I am only 23 with no children and have difficulty controlling my bladder.?

Over the past 6 months, it has been difficult for me to control my bladder. sometimes I leak a small amount of urine. I frequently have the urge to go, and when i go it is very difficult for me to relieve my bladder fully. I make a lot of return trips

Have a check up for infection or bladder stone. Ask the doctor to demonstrate Hegel's exercise.

A number of things can be causing this, and rightly so as you say you have not had children, which is often the price we women who have have to pay, a weak bladder. Child birth tends to leave us this way. But in your case the cause is different, so