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bladder control for children

Prolonged childhood bedwetting: causes and treatments

That may be useful for some parents, but for those who are washing sheets every single day, extended bedwetting can be the stuff of nightmares. Emily Procter’s six-year-old son has always wet the bed. She says she’s tried everything and worries how it will affect her son's self-esteem.

“We have done charts, plastic sheets, pull-ups (he takes them off), lifting him at night, music therapy, OT exercises and now, the alarm which we are hoping will do the trick. I've washed sheets nearly every night for two years." Emily suggests investing in a number of plastic sheets, limiting drinks before bed and even getting waterproof underwear so they don't feel humiliated by 'nappies'. She believes her reaction is also key to surviving this milestone.

"I feel really sorry for him as he is so motivated at night and determined to be dry and then feels like he’s failed every morning when he wakes up wet. I know he’ll grow out of it eventually but I don’t want this to hurt him psychologically in the process."

Children and bladder control issues?

my family is going through a nasty, devastating divorce and to help keep our mind off of it our neighbors invited us over for dinner tonight-well my sister is 12 and a half years old and she has been helping me take care of our four other siblings (six

Remind her to go to the bathroom more often so it doesn't get uncontrollable. She may just be forgetting.

I am only 23 with no children and have difficulty controlling my bladder.?

Over the past 6 months, it has been difficult for me to control my bladder. sometimes I leak a small amount of urine. I frequently have the urge to go, and when i go it is very difficult for me to relieve my bladder fully. I make a lot of return trips

Have a check up for infection or bladder stone. Ask the doctor to demonstrate Hegel's exercise.

A number of things can be causing this, and rightly so as you say you have not had children, which is often the price we women who have have to pay, a weak bladder. Child birth tends to leave us this way. But in your case the cause is different, so