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bladder control for kids

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Strategies to Help Kids Overcome Bedwetting

Leave alone giving your child these bedwetting inducers. Hereditary -- Bedwetting among children may be caused by some factors that are genetically-linked. Statistics show 1 out of 7 children who has unpunctual development in bladder control have siblings or other

Signs your kid might have sleep apnea

Signs your kid might have sleep apnea It's a disturb that your kid might have sleep apnea. Other red flags include excessive snoring and bedwetting. Grandi says, "When they're days the age where they should be able to control their bladder at night, if they're having difficulty controlling

Student Athletes with Sickle Cell Trait Should Take Precautions When Training

In in truth, according to CNN, Clark had his spleen and gall bladder removed due to sickle room complications after a Denver game in 2007. The Centers for Disease Control and Avoiding (CDC) has explained that a child born with the sickle cell trait has

Looking for a Place to Die

Her language was more sounds than words, and she had no control over her bowels or bladder. Her husband looked as if he might fold in on himself at any jiffy, and he'd already borne the burden of care for a long time. Though I didn't be sure for sure,

Woman who helps animals, kids in need now needs help

Papadakis’ desire to help those in need isn’t relegated to the animal kingdom. Since 2011, she has been an Albuquerque Public Schools counselor, working with some of the district’s neediest students from some of the roughest, most impoverished communities where free school lunches may be the only meal they eat in a day and her comforting, wise words the only thing to save them from despair.

I met Papadakis in December 2014 at Alamosa Elementary School on the West Mesa, where she introduced me to some of the children and one of her foster cats.

Ziggy had been tossed out on a roadway with a broken back and lifeless, ulcerated back legs. She was dehydrated, malnourished, covered in fleas and urinating blood.

But Papadakis nursed the kitten back to health and began taking her to school, where students designed and crafted a suspension walker that allowed the paraplegic kitten to roll along.

“We decided to be kind and help Ziggy,” one fourth-grader told me proudly.

Why Do Teacher's Try To Control Kids Bladder?

I can understand that it's their room and all but if a kid really has to go and the teacher won't let them(and if they go anyway they'll get in trouble) Isn't this bad for the kid? Can it cause problems? I'm not in school anymore but this has always bothered

I agree completely with you. As a kid I had a very small bladder for my age (I was also a bedwetter every night until about age 12 or so) and had to go about every hour during the day or risk having an accident. My elementary school was mostly fine

I hated that

I totally agree with you ! Who are they to tell them:"not now"??
I had a few words with my daughter's teacher, a couple of month ago. It never happened again !

How to better bladder control?

i think somtin is wrong with me =T not sure
Ive always had bladder control problems since kid i cant hold it for long (2hrs tops) peed on myself somtimes
I pee alot for just drinking like a cup of milk in the morning, can never hold in even

It's mostly to do with bladder training - holding it for as long as you can, and only going to the toilet when you have a full bladder. This could be hard for you if you have leakage problems, so I'd definitely recommend going to see the doctor about

talk to your doctor and see what they can do.

oh my god i knowww!!
same here i always have to peeee!
i wanna see these answerss..