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    STRONGHOLD BLADDER CONTROL™ - 2 Month Supply - 120 Capsules - Supplement To Support Natural Bladder Control - Bladder Supplements Supporting Healthy Urinary Flow and Overactive Bladder - 120 Pills
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    List Price: $29.99
    Price: $29.99

    • ✚ INCREASED SERVING SIZE OF THE MOST POTENT NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR BLADDER CONTROL - Stronghold Bladder ControlTM gives you an extra serving size of 4 natural ingredients with the most scientific backing to help with bladder control and strong urinary flow. You'll get high doses of pumpkin seed oil, saw palmetto, buchu leaf and cornsilk. StrongholdTM includes the superior water-soluble version of pumpkin seed oil, shown to be give more support for a strong bladder than other versions.
    • ✚ INGREDIENTS PROVEN TO EFFECTIVELY SUPPORT HEALTHY URINE FLOW - It's important to maintain a healthy urinary flow for your overall bathroom comfort. Stronghold Bladder ControlTM is a premium supplement that contains a high dose of pumpkin seed oil. Research shows that this remarkable substance is the best possible natural support for healthy, strong urinary and bladder flow.
    • ✚ SAFE & EFFECTIVE - At Biovy we source the highest quality ingredients and go to great lengths to make our supplements meet the highest safety standards. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - You Can Buy It Now with no financial risk whatsoever.
    • ✚ NATURAL SUPPORT FOR YOUR BLADDER - Each ingredient in our formula was specifically chosen by licensed doctors to help provide you the most effective support for healthy bladder control. They're all natural and healthy, so you'll get a healthy support for urine flow. Keep passing urine smoothly, no matter where you are.
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    UriVarx | Clinically Proven Bladder Control | Promote and support healthy bladder function, help reduce frequency and maintain control
    Health and Beauty (Innovus Pharmaceuticals)

    Innovus Pharmaceuticals

    List Price: $59.99
    Price: $59.99

    • UriVarxTM contains botanical ingredients: Lindera (Lindera Aggregata) Extract, Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense) extract (Aerial Parts), and Cratevox Three Leaf Caper (Crataeva nurvala) extract (bark).
    • Manufactured by Innovus Pharma in an FDA registered facility that adheres to CGMP and NSF standards. Made in the USA.
    • Research suggests that Horsetail may promote healthy urinary tract function, Crataeva can enhance bladder tone and Lindera provides antioxidant and anti-aging effects for the bladder and urinary tract.
    • UriVarxTM is a dietary supplement composed of a proprietary patented blend of synergistic herbs to help promote and support healthy bladder function; by reducing frequency and helping maintain control.

Acupuncture Beats Drugs For Urinary Incontinence

Acupuncture is found effective for the treatment of urinary incontinence. Several controlled investigations find acupuncture safe and effective for reducing the amount of urine leakage and frequency of uncontrolled urine leakage. The investigations reveal that acupuncture outperforms medications and enhances the effectiveness of Kegel exercises and herbal medicines.



Urinary incontinence occurs when urine unintentionally leaks from the urethra. Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a type of urinary incontinence that occurs during physical activities such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, or lifting. It is the most common type of urinary incontinence affecting women. Currently, conventional treatment includes the implementation of pelvic exercises for mild symptoms, which help to strengthen pelvic muscles and sphincter muscles at the neck of the bladder. Pharmceutical medications are also used as a treatment modality. 

Published research demonstrates the effectiveness of electroacupuncture applied to the lumbosacral (lower back) region. Electroacupuncture urinary leakage quantities reduced by 54% over a 6 week treatment session. Let’s take a look at this first investigation, followed by others, including one wherein acupuncture significantly outperforms drug therapy.

what pills for bladder control?

i am constantly getting up through the night to wee ,and i,m looking for something to allow me a good nights sleep,and the odd thing is,i can go practically all day without rushing to the toilet.
I have read that 'horsetail herb' is good to take

Nah. You aren't going to find anything OTC for this sort of thing.

I'd recommend Detrol™ (tolterodine), but you'll have to see your physician for an official verdict.

you have nerve interference making your bladder muscles weak. no medical treatment can fix it. see an hio method chiropractor to correct the cause.

What is the proper dosage of Saw Palmetto for a dog weighing 100 lbs?

My dog suffers from Lupus. As a result she is on a corti-steroid called Medrol. She was on Prednisone at one point as well. In both cases, the medication caused her bladder to leak.

I started doing some research online and found a

Hi Ingineervt,
2 grams per day for 6 months.
Also you may use other tonic herbs support the function of different organs, which, in turn, improves the overall health of the body. I prefer to use tonic herbs on an on-off basis, alternating

Hi Ingineervt,
2 grams per day for 6 months.
Also you may use other tonic herbs support the function of different organs, which, in turn, improves the overall health of the body. I prefer to use tonic herbs on an on-off basis, alternating

UUUUMMMmmmm I have more questions than answers for you....How old is your dog? Where did your go to get that diagnosis of Lupis? Who's recommending Saw Palmetto? Medrol and Prednisone together? That is what's causing the bladder leakage! I have never