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    AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less Dietary Supplement, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Soy Germ Extract, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Yeast Free, Synthetic Color Free, 54 Count
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Male incontinence should not be ignored despite shame | www ...

Male incontinence, more often than not, relates to bladder failure. In younger men, the symptom can signal neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis. In older men, it can point to bladder failure, which is caused by an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. Male incontinence can also be a result of prostate surgery or nerve damage caused by existing health conditions such as diabetes.

Regardless of the reason for incontinence, it is an issue that can have a significant impact on a man’s emotional, social, and physical well-being. Dr. Gaker has witnessed the impact first-hand with patients who have suffered for years before making the decision to address it with a physician and seek help to resolve it.

“So many men do not talk about it,” says Dr. Gaker, who practices with Premier Health Specialists. “I worked with a nurse whose father had prostate cancer surgery eight years ago and all she noticed was a box of Depends on his dresser.”

Men may experience incontinence in a variety of ways. The different incontinence conditions are characterized as urgency (a sudden urge to urinate), stress (the need to empty the bladder caused by stress placed on the organ), functional (incontinence caused by a physical disability), overflow (when the bladder doesn’t completely empty) and transient (a result of a urinary tract infection).

bladder control?

its kinda wierd but ever scince i was little whenever i laughed to much or get tickled id piss my pants is there some kind of medicine or somthing that could help?

What that is called stress incontinence. There is no medications for it, But there excersizes called Kegel. Check here for how to do them. ponse/ht/kegelsmen.htm

Bladder Control?

Okay so i dont have a per say "normal" tract system..i dont go often enough no matter how much water i drink i still go the same..almost mayb once a day, and number two i have to force by eating blue berries or drinking cranberry juice...

I have the same problem and i hate it but my dr. gave me a perscription called Enablex hope this works