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Exercising during illness is possible

A recent poll by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy ( found nearly a third of people aged 40-70 with long-term health conditions — such as arthritis, asthma and heart disease — said they were totally inactive each week, often because they were anxious about their symptoms worsening, or felt too tired or busy to exercise.

Yet, overwhelming evidence shows that meeting even the minimum national activity guidelines can actually help manage health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma or arthritis, through improving strength, stamina and mobility — not to mention the positive influence it can have on psychological wellbeing too.

The CSP has now launched a campaign, called Love Activity, Hate Exercise?, to explore the barriers to exercise and help people overcome them — so that they can start doing physical activity they genuinely enjoy, and reaping the benefits.

bladder control?

its kinda wierd but ever scince i was little whenever i laughed to much or get tickled id piss my pants is there some kind of medicine or somthing that could help?

What that is called stress incontinence. There is no medications for it, But there excersizes called Kegel. Check here for how to do them. ponse/ht/kegelsmen.htm

Bladder Control?

Okay so i dont have a per say "normal" tract system..i dont go often enough no matter how much water i drink i still go the same..almost mayb once a day, and number two i have to force by eating blue berries or drinking cranberry juice...

I have the same problem and i hate it but my dr. gave me a perscription called Enablex hope this works