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Help lessen the burden

Eight years ago, when Lori Rounds was having bladder control issues, she made an appointment with a specialist in order to have surgery and correct it.

It was when the doctor performed a scope of her bladder that tumours were found and in April of 2011, Lori was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

“It was an early stage and it was just a fluke they [the tumours] were discovered,” admits Lori.

“If I had not had this issue, which had nothing to do with the cancer, I am afraid to think of what stage it would have been discovered.”

In remission since May of 2011 after a surgery was performed to remove the tumours, Lori understands how fortunate she is that her cancer was discovered so early on.

Lori’s surgery was performed in Stratford and she began chemotherapy treatments directly into her bladder shortly after surgery.

Not all are as fortunate as Lori, as that is the extent of treatment she had endure, as her cancer was discovered early on.

bladder control?

its kinda wierd but ever scince i was little whenever i laughed to much or get tickled id piss my pants is there some kind of medicine or somthing that could help?

What that is called stress incontinence. There is no medications for it, But there excersizes called Kegel. Check here for how to do them. ponse/ht/kegelsmen.htm

Bladder Control?

Okay so i dont have a per say "normal" tract system..i dont go often enough no matter how much water i drink i still go the same..almost mayb once a day, and number two i have to force by eating blue berries or drinking cranberry juice...

I have the same problem and i hate it but my dr. gave me a perscription called Enablex hope this works