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    Healthy Bladder Plus | Natural Bladder Supplement | Clinically proven herbal ingredients to reduce overactive bladder, UTI’s, incontinence, etc. | 60 Capsules
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What you need to know about UTIs

If infections occur again despite all precautions, low-dose antibiotics may be prescribed nightly for six to 12 months to consideration the bladder to recover its natural defence mechanisms." Natural remedies for UTIs count avoiding refined sugar, wearing cotton

'Exoskeleton' Helps Paralyzed Stand, Take Steps

That dummy will allow the individual patient to control the device, can be for home use and will have the ability to cross stairs, he said. "This will occur via wireless communication between the crutches and the sensors on the exoskeleton,

For many patients, incontinence can be treatable

Dr. Carlos Gabriel points to the pelvic thrash muscle that contracts while doing Kegel exercises for better bladder control at the More safely a improved Bladder Center at Bond Clinic in Winter Haven. Wednesday December 21, 2011 By ROBIN WILLIAMS ADAMS WINTER HAVEN

Alternatively Speaking: Essentially oil

By NATALIE MARX Variant medicine enthusiast Natalie Marx answers your questions: Can anything be done to slow the return of acne? Q. Hi Natalie, what is the difference between all the various Omega 3 sources - and the chief oil from clary

How to treat biliary dyskinesia naturally? Causes, symptoms, and diagnosis

What is biliary dyskinesia?

Biliary dyskinesia is a disorder of the gallbladder and a part of the biliary system called the sphincter of Oddi. It is often characterized by the inability of for bile to move normally into the intestines. The world biliary comes from the word bile, and the word dyskinesia simply means a disorder of functioning.

In healthy individuals, the gallbladder servers to store bile; a digestive fluid that is excreted to the small intestine to aid in the breaking down of fats. However, in biliary dyskinesia, bile is unable to reach the intestinal tract resulting in bile to remain in the gallbladder and/or biliary tract leading to the development of pain.

Prevalence of biliary dyskinesia

The exact prevalence of biliary dyskinesia is not known, but the occurrence of functional biliary pain; which it is often alternatively called, was found to occur in approximately 8 percent of men and 21 percent of women, as evaluated during ultrasound testing. Biliary dyskinesia typically affects adults between the ages of 40 and 60, with women having a greater incidence than men. Biliary dyskinesia is considered much more rampant in the US and is rarely found in other countries.

Overactive Bladder HELP!?


So basically i drink a lot of caffeine and also just started taking diet pills which contain caffeine.

This is causing me to urinate a lot. I urinate a lot anyways. I think i am pretty health but maybe just have a small

For a start, you can cut down on the coffee. Then you need to consult a doctor to determine there is no underlying medical cause.