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Living with primary progressive MS: Yvonne's story

Yvonne Pettigrew, diagnosed with primary progressive MS (PPMS) in 2013, shares her experience of living with PPMS and reacts to the "exciting" news that Ocrevus has been approved by NICE for NHS treatment of early, inflammatory PPMS.  

“It’s good news Yvonne! The scan shows there’s no lesion in your lumbar spine“– well you’d have thought that really was good news wouldn’t you, except I knew that it wasn’t. It meant that there was something going wrong further up my spine, or in my head.

The scan had been ordered by a colo-rectal surgeon who I’d been seeing over a period of years to try and find an explanation for my gradual loss of bowel control. After many and various undignified investigations we were no further forwards. So it wasn’t until my bladder control also started to malfunction we began to join the dots and the surgeon ordered the lumbar spine scan, thinking there was perhaps pressure on my spinal nerves from a tumour.

My dog is a 10 year old Rottie I think she is dying is loss of bladder control sign?

Collapsed rotweiller. Ten years old. Loss of bladder control all of a sudden. Panting. Won't get up. Is she dying?

I don't know if it's necessarily a sign of "dying" but it's definitely a sign of "get me to the vet now."
She is getting old, they usually live 12-13 years.

Probably not, but these symptoms are severe and could be indicative of a number of different illnesses, many of which are treatable....and some that aren't. She needs a vet. Put yourself in her shoes - if you had collapsed, wet yourself and were feeling

Why do I have sudden loss of bladder control?

For the last week, I've hardly had any bladder control. Usually, I can hold it for hours. Now, after I drink something I have to pee right away and I CANNOT hold it. Peeing is usually accompanied by a ticklish tingling sensation that's like the urge

you could have a bladder or kidney or urinary tract infection. Or a weird STD, drink cranberry juice and go get checked out.