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State attorney should take Carlton Palms death case to a jury — for the sake of all disabled people

The caretaker breached Lamson’s care plan by taking away his helmet. Then Maynor said he “tossed” Lamson to the ground, which is not exactly the textbook way of handling the disabled. He lied to police — Maynor’s initial story was that Lamson banged his head against the floor, but that was discounted when an autopsy found no head injuries. He failed to summon help despite Lamson’s audible suffering, instead spending the time excusing his own actions.

“At that moment, I was just trying to protect my job,” Maynor would tell detectives later. Obviously. Don’t mind the client splayed on the floor, breathing only occasionally.

Fifth District Medical Examiner Barbara Wolf ruled that Lamson’s manner of death was a “homicide,” meaning death at the hands of another but not necessarily a murder, and the cause of death was “traumatic asphyxia,” often characterized by fluid in the lungs.

A memo released by the state provided a bunch of excuses for not filing criminal charges. The most important was this: “The medical examiner is unable to say to a reasonable degree of medical certainty that the actions of Justin Maynor caused the edema [excess of fluid], congestion and hemorrhage in Lamson’s lungs.”

Help with dog with bladder control problem?

My dog is 11 but since she was 1 she had been diagnosed with a bladder control problem (forgot actually term--something about a weak valve). She pees, without realizing she's peeing. I'd see puddles/wet spots underneath her but she wouldn't move or

check the drs foster and smith website for the diapers, but i would definately find a vet that would prescribe a less expensive but effective drug for your dog!

diapers is expensive
maybe u can use the tube or something hanging in the back like when u sick in the hopital

Go back and talk to your Vet. Suggest "Pro-In" as this medication has proven to be very effective in bladder control and it's not very expensive.

I'm scared to go to college because I have a bladder/bowel control problem?

I'm freaked out that people are going to figure out that I wear diapers in the dorm and laugh, make a big deal etc. Its bothering me so much I'm starting to consider not going to college.
Do you think this will happen? I have a medical condition

Many people go well with this problem. They have gone through a small operation. An out let is made surgically and a collecting bag is attached to it.

i dont think it will happen, i know it will happen. good luck with that.

So you're willing give up your entire education and career? that's crazy. If you explain up front what your deal is, then I doubt anyone is going to make fun of you