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    AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less Dietary Supplement – Helps Control the Need to Go to the Bathroom* & Reduce Occasional Urgency* – Supports a Good Night’s Sleep* – Naturally Sourced - 54 Capsules
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    List Price: $17.75
    Price: $16.86
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    • Provides safe and effective bladder control
    • Helps control the urge to run to the bathroom
    • Around the clock bladder support
    • Supports a good night's sleep
    • Helps manage occasional urgency complaints

    Depend Incontinence Guards for Men Maximum Absorbency, Two Packs of 52 (104 Total), Padded Absorbent Inserts
    Health and Beauty (Kimberly-Clark Corp.)

    Kimberly-Clark Corp.

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    • The cup-like shape is designed to give you a close fit, give you both maximum comfort & providing maximum protection against even heavier leaks or during active movement. Sitting close to your body, this absorbent pad is discreetly sleek under your pants.
    • Depend absorbent, disposable inserts for men living with incontinence or bladder control and leakage issues ship in discrete, plain boxes and may be eligible for FSA savings for customers in the USA (please check with your FSA administrator).
    • One in four Americans have bladder leaks - if you're one, don't let incontinence stop your from enjoying the activities you enjoy. Depend Incontinence guards for men are great for sports, travel or daily activities where you need the protection.
    • More flexible & comfortable than previous Depend Guard Incontinence Pads for Men, these absorbent inserts offer high protection with a strong adhesive back keeping them in place, a close fit & discreet, low profile in individual pocket-sized packets.
    • Depend incontinence guards give you the confidence & freedom to enjoy your normal activities without worry, giving you bladder leakage protection with odor control in an individually wrapped, discreet grey pouch. Don't let bladder issues slow you down.

Urinary incontinence, leaky bladder common, but embarrassing topic to bring up ...

Urinary incontinence, leaky bladder common, but embarrassing topic to bring up ... sneezing, jogging or other vigour leads to a loss of control of the bladder. But oftentimes, women must endure the inconveniences of urine leakage while losing the slant as most types of exercise can spur it on. Men don't typically have the same

Embarrassing Bladder Control Issues Often Curable

Urinary incontinence (UI) affects more than 13 million Americans — mostly women and commonly after childbirth, but it is also low-class in men. In fact, one in three women older than 60 is estimated to have bladder control problems.

Scientists find genetic mutation associated with early prostate cancer

Cancer of the prostate, a gland in the spear reproductive system found below the bladder, typically begins to develop among men over 50 and is common among old-fogeyish 's men. About two-thirds of cases grow slowly, and many men harbor the disease without

Maker of Popular Pocket Urinal “Go Guy” Launches International Urinary ...

Maker of Popular Pocket Urinal “Go Guy” Launches International Urinary ... And of positively, boys and men who struggle with urinary incontinence or other bladder control issues can use Go Guy to help carry out their situation in a safe, discreet, convenient and very affordable way.”

Delhi man paralysed after neck massage! What are the other health ...

A Delhi man ended up paying a heavy price for a ‘refreshing’ neck massage at the barber shop. Ajay Kumar, 54, followed up his hair cut with ‘neck-crack’ massage in which the barber tilts the customer’s head sharply to the right and the left. In some cases, an audible ‘crack’ sound can be heard. It’s a ritual among Indian men who frequent the barber shop to go in for the neck crack massage, without fully understanding its consequences. In the days following the massage, Ajay started experiencing breathlessness . On investigation, it was found that his phrenic nerves that control the diaphragm were damaged. Since the diaphragm controls the breathing, the nerve damage has directly affected his respiratory system, which explains his breathlessness.

A PSU employee, Kumar has now been put on mechanical ventilation to assist him in breathing. According to media reports, Dr Anand Jaiswal, the doctor treating Kumar said that he would be put on ventilator support for life. This is because the phrenic nerves rarely regenerate; so the damage may, unfortunately, be permanent.

Feminine protection napkins are called maxi pads, so for men who have bladder control issues wouldn't they be?

called masculine protection napkins?
If so then the masculine name would be max pads.

If men had to wear max pads once a month, the day would be a holiday! LOL

I thought they were called condoms ? Oh well, whatever gets the job done ! It's probably called adult diapers.

maxi pads are for menstruation - not bladder control issues.

Do women have less bladder control than men???

The reason: Men can tie a knot, women can't.

Yes my mom seems to think so