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    • Securi-TTM supports bladder health and normal urination in men and women.
    • It does this by facilitating nerve signaling between the brain and the urinary tract and soothing irritable bladder tissue.

For many patients, incontinence can be treatable

Dr. Carlos Gabriel points to the pelvic parquet muscle that contracts while doing Kegel exercises for better bladder control at the Better Bladder Center at Relationship Clinic in Winter Haven. Wednesday December 21, 2011 By ROBIN WILLIAMS ADAMS WINTER HAVEN

New Hope for MS Patients

New Hope for MS Patients MS symptoms register the loss of physical skills, sensation, vision, bladder control, and intellectual abilities. In the monthly Cell Stem Cell a study describes how insulating layers that mind nerve fibers in the brain, known as myelin sheaths,

The CareGiver Partnership Offers 3 Dietary Rules for Managing Incontinence

Compacted stool can prime mover nearby bladder nerves to become overactive, increasing urinary frequency. Insoluble fiber helps move stool and is found in vegetables, wheat bran and other whole grains, nuts, beans and berries. Soluble fiber helps soothe the

Can We Eliminate Narcotics?

"Laparoscopic abrasion bladder cases cause a lot of pain, and the residual gases from insufflation can enrage the diaphragm." Procedures involving surgery at multiple sites, such as contemporaneous plastic procedures, might also best be treated with opioids

Urinary incontinence in women

Urinary incontinence is the accidental release of urine. It can happen when a person coughs, laughs, sneezes or jogs. Bladder control problems are very common, especially among older adults. They usually do not cause major health problems, but they can be embarrassing. Incontinence can be a short-term problem caused by a urinary tract infection, a medicine, or constipation. It gets better when you treat the problem that is causing it.

There are two main kinds of chronic incontinence. Some have both:

Stress incontinence occurs when you sneeze, cough, laugh, jog, or do other things that put pressure on the bladder. It is the most common type of bladder control problem in women.

Urge incontinence happens when you have a strong need to urinate but can't reach the toilet in time. This can happen even when your bladder is holding only a small amount of urine. Some women may have no warning before they accidentally leak urine. Other women may leak urine

bladder control/nerve hurts?

i don't mean to be offering to much, but i recently lost my virginity (VERY safe, condom, no diseases) and a week later, i literally peed in my pants, like i couldn't control it which i usually can, very easily. i was about to go and it wouldn't stop.

First of all, you should not panic. These sorts of problems are very common, although people don't talk about them much. A single episode of incontinence (loss of bladder control) does not mean you've got a lasting problem (in fact, that's very unlikely).

i think what your trying to say is you have a UTI, urinary track infection...if so, go to the dr quickly to et antibiotics which will make your birth control stop working while on them. These are extremely common so no worries, just go potty after you

hmm I have never heard of such things. But since you are sexually active you should be making an appointment with a gyno, do this asap and mention your issues to them.

The nerves controlling the muscles of the bladder are damaged.Whats the most likely consequence?

A.Decreased urgency to urinate
B.Inability to urinate
C.Incomplete expansion of the urinary bladder
D.Complete contraction of the urinary bladder

It's a question pertaining to the reproductive and urinary systems of

It really depends on where the nerves are damaged. There's a center in your brain that can be damaged, there's upper neurons, and there's lower neurons. Damage in different areas have different results. If it's damage in the lower neurons, then there

It really depends on where the nerves are damaged. There's a center in your brain that can be damaged, there's upper neurons, and there's lower neurons. Damage in different areas have different results. If it's damage in the lower neurons, then there