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Sex, art and Picasso's libido

As one reviewer drily observed, we ponder with trepidation which abstract noun the director will explore next. What is surprising, confirmed the prevalence of sexual images and provocations that exist in today's western creation, is the lack of really serious

Review: 'Body Gesture' at Elizabeth Leach Gallery

Review: 'Body Gesture' at Elizabeth Leach Gallery For Alexis Smith, the portion is also a vehicle -- but for the libido: Her perhaps ironic print "Lust" spells out the chat in bold pink lettering. Martha Rosler similarly uses the manifest arts in her work but for more explicit purposes, if there can be a

Is DHEA the Next Wonder Drug for Menopause?

Let's say you are a postmenopausal little woman and you decide to try DHEA. You have read that women's natural DHEA levels tiptop while in our twenties—and most of us do not complain about libido in our twenties. So the next question would be: are DHEA pills

Ed Young, Jr.'s Book, CNN Study, Offer New Insight into Marital Intimacy

This decree flies in the face of the traditional view of the diminishing libido, or of sex as more appealing to newlyweds than to older couples. The over also confirms Ed Young's assessment of sex as a "tremendous catalyst" for lifelong delight.