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7 signs we're living in the post-privacy era

Anyone who's ever turned on a GPS and waited five minutes for the gismo to get a "fix" can appreciate the enhancement Apple was implementing. Plenty of other companies do congregate and use detailed location information about us.

XBIZ Premiere Magazine Names Top 100 Newsmakers of 2011

The spot contained defamatory wiki pages on performers and various adult professionals. The wild amounts of personal information posted included thousands of porn player's legal names, driver license numbers and common security numbers.

Charles Krauthammer: WikiLeaks Gives 'Hard Textual Backup' Against Hillary

The WikiLeaks release of hacked emails provide "hard textual backup" to not vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer said Thursday.

"The most sensational disclosure was the proposed deal between the State Department and the FBI in which the FBI would declassify a Clinton email and State would give the FBI more slots in overseas stations," Krauthammer said in an op-ed in The Washington Post .

"What made it sensational was the rare appearance in an official account of the phrase 'quid pro quo,' which is the currently agreed-upon dividing line between acceptable and unacceptable corruption.

"This is nonetheless an odd choice for most egregious offense."

And, while the deal never happened — the FBI denied the declassification request — Krauthammer said the phrase "quid pro quo" made the email "a warm gun but nonsmoking."

But other examples, including Qatar offering a $1 million "birthday" gift to Bill Clinton for five minutes of his time, raise serious questions.