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    White Noise Machine, Sleep Sound Machine - Night Light - 8 Soothing Natural Sounds for Sleep Therapy, 4 Timer/Non-Stop Mode, USB Output, Memory Function, Relax for Baby, Adult, Traveler, Noise Maker
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    List Price: $22.99
    Price: $22.99

    • 8 SOOTHING NATURAL SOUNDS: GREAT SALE FOR BLACK FRIDAY! relaxing portable White noise, Brown noise, Ocean, Stream, Bird, Thunder, Lullaby 1, Lullaby 2, help you block out distractions and create a perfect environment for sleep, relaxation, or concentration. Volume adjustable. We provide 90 days warranty and lifetime service, please try to contact the seller if there is any issue.
    • NATURAL SLEEP THERAPY: noise generator with soothing music, 8 nature sounds , suitable for ADHD patients, patients with mental disorders, insomnia, sleep disorders as well as infant and pregnant women, etc. Sleep Spa & Therapy for Home, Office privacy or Travel, Dorm, Kids Room or Nursery.
    • USB Port & PORTABLE: USB charging port for external devices such as phone or other USB-powered devices. Portable size provides you a familiar sleeping environment when travelling. The music flannel filters the sound crystal clear; plus the Anti-slip strip, make the white noise machine elegant and delicate.
    • NOISE MAKER WITH NIGHT LIGHT: could be used as a night light for kids, baby, acting as atmosphere beside lamp by selecting 3 adjustable brightness setting which could be turned off if you don't want it. The night light will turn off automatically when the timer is auto shut-off. NOTE: it takes a little effort to rotate the stand into the groove.
    • 4 TIMER & PERMANENT PLAYING: the auto-off timer can be set for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes to conserve energy; or you can leave the sound on all night, just press the timer button repeatedly to turn off the time setting. When turn on again, it will play the previous setting owe to the MEMORY FUNCTION.

    White Noise Sound Machine, Sound Sleep Therapy System with Bluetooth Speaker 10 Soothing Natural Sound for Baby Kids Adults| Phone Charging Stock and Timer | Gift-2 USB Cables Included(Silver &White)
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    List Price: $32.99
    Price: $32.99

    • CUSTOMIZE SOUND BY MIXING: 10 Relaxing sounds,each track can be played alone, or to create your customize sound by mixing. Drug-free, effective sound therapy to help loosing mind and falling in deep sleep.
    • HELPS BABY SLEEP BETTER: This sleep sound machine blocks out unwanted noises, help you to focus, relax and sleep. Not only for adults, but also for babies, it would help your baby falls asleep faster and stays asleep longer. Perfect for insomniac, yoga, working studying, speech privacy and baby nursery.
    • CHARGING FUNCTION& PHONE ORGANIZER: safe and solid design, powered by AC or USB, also features unique USB output for phone charging. You can place your phone on the top of this sound machine for better organization. 2 Charging cables are free presented(iPhone & Android).
    • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER FUNCTION: This sound spa machine has built-in stereo Bluetooth audio, which is able to connect with Bluetooth enabled devices. Easily to stream your own music or other white noise files from your mobile phones tablets or computers.
    • HIGH QUALITY SOUND &SLEEP TIMER: Precise volume control allows you to set the perfect level for your unique environment. The white noise machine can be set to 30, 60, and 90 minutes auto shut off, help you get better uninterrupted sleep and without worry about wasting of energy.

SnowGlobe kicks off, noise overwhelms neighbors

While fans were dancing away to the last show of the evening, Moderately Lights, Cannon and his partner were unable to sleep. Cannon uses a hearing aid. He could still attend to the sounds and feel the vibrations without the device in, he said.

Mediterranean cruise ship runs aground, kills 6

Thousands of passengers are ferried ashore to a pocket Tuscan island, where local officials scramble to find places for them to sleep. At least six people were killed when a self-indulgence cruise ship with 4200 passengers and crew aboard ran aground off the

Class Of 2012: Tips From Elsewhere

Class Of 2012: Tips From Elsewhere Signed to Duplicate Denim with the likes of Christian Aids they are in great company already'. Krista Schmidt, Souterrain TransmissionsBoy Confidante (ex-members of Sleep Over) from Austin, TX. New record, Egyptian Wrinkle, is coming out at origin of 2012

Rajan Speech & Hearing Centre mandates early diagnosis in children to treat ...

Going round intervention processes are hearing aids and cochlear implants along with speech psychoanalysis and auditory training, according to Kumar. Other reasons for hearing wasting are noise pollution and prolonged use of ear phones.

Is sleeping with a fan on during the heatwave actually bad for you?

“Light levels help us regulate our sleeping patterns and so it’s important that your sleeping environment is dark. A good quality lined curtain or blackout blind can help better control morning light into the bedroom and, needless to say, avoiding screens is also critical before bedtime.

“If you’re worried that your insomnia isn’t improving, then speak to your local pharmacist. They are highly trained healthcare professionals who can offer expert advice and will be able to recommended a short-term sleep aid to help you get a good night’s sleep and break the sleepless cycle.”

Sleep aids, like Phenergan Night Time , can be obtained over the counter, although you should always speak to a pharmacist before taking any medication, as it may not be suitable if you’re breastfeeding, pregnant or on certain medications.

“Finally, make sure you are also well hydrated, as you may lose extra water from sweating during

Where to download white noise music for sleeping aids?

Where to download white noise music for sleeping aids?

Hi all,

I cannot sleep well because I am facing an extremely busy street with heavy traffic and directly beneath my bed there is a pizza shop which plays heavy metal

"atmosphere deluxe" is the one i use to help me sleep
and they have a free version.

Sleep aid assistance for noise/snoring?

I cannot sleep with my boyfriend next to me, because he snores. Its not one of those rumbling ones, where it sounds like an oiking pig throughout the house. He has really heavy breathing that once in awhile can get louder and worse, while he sleeps. But

I have read most of the answers to your questions and find them quite sensible although they do not REALLY get your point. There must be a reason you dont want to ask your partner to do anything. I suggest you try a herbal pill call Norturne. You can

there used to be an informacial with some spray that you spray the back of your throat before bed time. Supposed to make snoring stop.

I think you should be more concerned about your boyfriend. He may have sleep apnea, and if it gets bad enough it could kill him.