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    Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste - Made in USA - REMOVES BAD BREATH and TOOTH STAINS - Best Natural Tooth Whitener Product- Mint flavor (Toothpaste)
    Beauty (FineVine)


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    • ✅ GET THIS CHARCOAL COCONUT TOOTHPASTE RISK FREE: All of our products are proudly made in the USA. Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this whitening toothpaste is backed by our unconditional satisfaction guarantee policy. Just in case you don't simply love it. Try it today and enjoy whiter teeth tomorrow. Perfect smile, perfect you!
    • 🌏 MADE IN THE USA - FineVine charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste is 100% natural, 100% vegan with ingredients that aren't mixed with harmful chemicals, artificial colors and flavors. You won't find any fluoride, hydrogen peroxide, SLS or GMO in this activated coconut tooth paste.
    • 😁 SAFE ON SENSITIVE TEETH - FineVine activated charcoal (Active carbon) is specially formulated to ensure even the most sensitive teeth won't suffer. Our unique blend of ingredients works hard to restore your best smile, while safely removes coffee stains, detoxify your mouth, Fights cavities, plaque, bacteria, gingivitis and preventing tooth decay.
    • ✅ ORAL DETOX FOR A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER MOUTH - Infused with the antiseptic and remineralizing properties of Baking Soda, Diatomaceous Earth, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Xylitol and Peppermint Oil.
    • ✅ ALL NATURAL TOOTHPASTE: Great alternative teeth whitening treatment without using any chemicals or bleach. More effective and safer than teeth whitening strips, gels, pen, lights & other whitening products that can strip your tooth enamel.

    101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home: A Nerdy Farm Wife's All-Natural DIY Projects Using Commonly Found Herbs, Flowers & Other Plants
    Book (Page Street Publishing)

    Page Street Publishing

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Business owner Nneka Gunn learned natural beauty from her mother and grandmother

Nneka Gunn wants every black woman to know she is naturally beautiful—and she does that through her Namaste Natural Beauty product business, which she founded in 2016.

Gunn, who is originally from Chattanooga, Tenn., and now lives in Hoover, said she came up with the name after practicing yoga for 10 years: “Namaste is a greeting we use. It means ‘I bow to you.’”

“So, Namaste Natural Beauty means ‘I bow to the natural beauty that is you.’”

Gunn started this venture through the Co.Starters business development program with REV Birmingham, “an economic development organization that stimulates business growth and improves quality of life in Birmingham,” according to

The inspiration to make her own products, however, came from her family, Gunn said.

“My mom and grandma had beautiful skin. … When I got to be a teenager and started getting acne, I would be like, ‘What are y’all doing [to have beautiful skin]?’ So, my mom would make us homemade masks, and everything [in the mask] was from the kitchen or garden. My grandmother had this saying, ‘Everything we need to heal and nourish ourselves, the Earth provides.’”

What are some good natural beauty products sold at Whole Foods?

Does anyone know of any good, natural beauty products that they buy from Whole Foods? I'm looking for things for my hair, skin, and body. Please let me know if you recommend anything or know anything that works well.

I love ALL of their stuff. It smells awesome! My favorite is the honeydew shampoo, its smells really good! They also have good smelling bath salts and body scrubs.
Good luck!
Oh and also, Target has them cheaper =D

What kind of licensure do I need to sell my natural beauty products?

I make 100% natural face serums, mineral makeup, and various other natural products which can be individually customized for your skin type, color etc. I have many potential customers but don't know what I need to do to make it legal. Can anyone help?

Check with your state's website regarding their business license procedures. You will need to get a tax ID and business license of some type whether it be an llc or dba.