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    Ultimate Sleep Aid (Relaxing Music for Sleep) - Relaxation Music to Help You Sleep
    Digital Music Album (Equilibrium)


    List Price: $8.99
    Price: $8.99

    White Noise Machine, Sleep Sound Machine - Night Light - 8 Soothing Natural Sounds for Sleep Therapy, 4 Timer/Non-Stop Mode, USB Output, Memory Function, Relax for Baby, Adult, Traveler, Noise Maker
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    List Price: $26.99
    Price: $26.99

    • NATURAL SLEEP THERAPY: noise generator with soothing music, 8 nature sounds , suitable for ADHD patients, patients with mental disorders, insomnia, sleep disorders as well as infant and pregnant women, etc. Sleep Spa & Therapy for Home, Office privacy or Travel, Dorm, Kids Room or Nursery.
    • NOISE MAKER WITH NIGHT LIGHT: could be used as a night light for kids, baby, acting as atmosphere beside lamp by selecting 3 adjustable brightness setting which could be turned off if you don't want it. The night light will turn off automatically when the timer is auto shut-off. NOTE: it takes a little effort to rotate the stand into the groove.
    • USB Port & PORTABLE: USB charging port for external devices such as phone or other USB-powered devices. Portable size provides you a familiar sleeping environment when travelling. The music flannel filters the sound crystal clear; plus the Anti-slip strip, make the white noise machine elegant and delicate.
    • 8 SOOTHING NATURAL SOUNDS: relaxing portable White noise, Brown noise, Ocean, Stream, Bird, Thunder, Lullaby 1, Lullaby 2, help you block out distractions and create a perfect environment for sleep, relaxation, or concentration. Volume adjustable. 90 days warranty and lifetime service!
    • 4 TIMER & PERMANENT PLAYING: the auto-off timer can be set for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes to conserve energy; or you can leave the sound on all night, just press the timer button repeatedly to turn off the time setting. When turn on again, it will play the previous setting owe to the MEMORY FUNCTION.

The appliance of science to smiles, pens and pop . . .

After putting the harmonious genres to the test, three students have challenged that long held trust that classical music is the most relaxing. Emily Cronin (16), Sophie Monks O'Byrne (15) and Ella Clifton (16) adapted to an iPhone sleep app to monitor sleep

Consumer Electronics Show names most innovate health products

Consumer Electronics Show names most innovate health products Designed to employment well with many levels of hearing loss, the device is geared especially for first-all together hearing aid users. High-tech kinfolk video monitoring also earned a nod, with the Lorex Live Connect2 wireless system,

Auburn-area community calendar | Jan. 11

Sleep Fatherland's Pajama Drive for Foster Kids: Through Feb. 26. Donations of new pajamas in all sizes can be dropped off at any Sleep Native land store. For more information or to find the nearest location, please visit or call

Merce Cunningham: Legacy Tour

Funds have been provided to forbear dancers, musicians and staff transition to their next phase. The Merce Cunningham Group will manage his artistic legacy licensing and remounting his work with the aid of former troop members.

1. Gentle Wakeup

If you are deep asleep, you won’t even hear it, allowing you to wake up when your body is ready. This sounds more realistic because I know people who can move a lot even when they are deep asleep.

There is the dock mode for table clock and night mode for muting notifications and calls. You can play soft music that will slowly fade away and be replaced with vibration that will increase accordingly. Finally, there is support for Tasker that will allow you to customize the heck out of the app.

For an app that has so many features, the UI is really dated and boring but as long as the app works, there should be no trouble. There is a trial version available but you will have to upgrade for $1.99.

5. Progressive Alarm Clock

Ever heard the beautiful sound of the Tibetan singing bowls? It’s out of this world. While most gentle alarm clock apps have nature sounds to offer, Progressive Alarm Clock will play the Tibetan singing bowls music that will slowly increase in both volume and frequency.

Is listening to music a descent sleep aid?

You're right.

Forget counting sheep, next time you are having trouble dropping off to sleep try putting on a jazz CD.

Researchers have shown just 45 minutes of relaxing music before bedtime can make for a restful night.

it depends what kind of music you listen too. Like rock and rap tends to keep you more active than relax you. Classical is closer to what you are looking for. But sometimes, just listening to nature at night helps me sleep the easiest. xD

You're right.

Forget counting sheep, next time you are having trouble dropping off to sleep try putting on a jazz CD.

Researchers have shown just 45 minutes of relaxing music before bedtime can make for a restful night.

Whats that thing called, the music sleeping aid box thing with relaxing sounds?

i saw it in sex and the city and i think it would help me sleep.

it has sea sounds, waves etc???

pretty sure its called a White Noise Generator.

hope this helps.