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    REMfresh Extra Strength 5mg Melatonin - Advanced Sleep Formulation
    Health and Beauty (Physician's Seal LLC)

    Physician's Seal LLC

    List Price: $32.99
    Price: $32.99

    • REMfresh contains UltraMel, 99% ultra pure melatonin
    • REMfresh is manufactured in the USA
    • Drug free and no drug hangover
    • 7 hour absorption and release profile*
    • REMfresh 5mg Advanced Sleep Formulation - 36 Caplets

    Liquid Sleep Multimineral by MaryRuth (Coconut) Vegan Vitamins, Minerals, Magnesium, Calcium & MSM | Natural Sleep & Stress Aid | Muscle Relaxation | NO Melatonin | Non-GMO Paleo 0 Sugar 0 Fat 32oz
    Grocery (MaryRuth Organics)

    MaryRuth Organics

    List Price: $39.95
    Price: $39.95

    • ✅ ALLERGY WARNING: We care about all our customers! Please review our ingredients (below) and the Supplement Facts chart carefully to ensure you do not have any sensitivities. Children under 12, seniors over 65, and pregnant or lactating women should always consult with a physician or healthcare professional prior to use. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.
    • ✅ MELATONIN FREE- CELIAC FRIENDLY, PALEO FRIENDLY, KETOGENIC FRIENDLY & BARIATRIC FRIENDLY. Non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Nut Free, Soy Free, NO Nightshades, NO Tomato.
    • ✅ BENEFITS INCLUDE essential NIGHTLY Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Trace Minerals, Magnesium, Boron, & VEGAN D3 your body needs during sleep. When taken together, Magnesium & Boron assist in calming and relaxing the body to ensure a better/deeper sleep. Vitamin C & Vitamin D3 supports all the trace minerals to be absorbed more efficiently in the body. Vitamin D3, a fat soluble vitamin, assists in the absorption of Calcium. Calcium helps rebuild & maintain healthy bone & nerve tissues.
    • ✅ #1 BEST SELLING LIQUID Sleep Aid & Relaxer FORMULATED BY Certified Health Educator, Nutritional Consultant, and Culinary Chef MaryRuth Ghiyam. The Formula is designed for maximum absorption and assimilation to ensure that your body gets the essential elements it needs. Formulated for MEN & WOMEN! Made in a GMP compliant facility in a 32oz BPA FREE PLASTIC BOTTLE. Mother-daughter owned company. MADE in USA!
    • ✅ Manufacturer's Warranty, Our Happiness Guarantee: if you are not fully satisfied in any way, simply contact us for a full refund at any time. As a small family-owned company, we want all of our customers to feel like family too :)

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Sleep Tight Review: Let's Spend The Night Together

What If Mike Wazowski Was Good At His Job?

Sleep Tight drops you into the shoes of some kids defending an inexplicably large bedroom from the things that go bump in the night. The cartoon-ish creatures can be downed with a variety of weapons like super soakers, foam dart pistols, and foam dart gatling guns. Players also have access to walls and turrets that can be placed around the room to aid in the fight. Monster attacks come in waves, with the attack beginning when the sun goes down and ending at sunrise. The goal is to survive as many nights as possible and push yourself up the board of high scores.

The game sports a roster of kids that are unlocked for play by completing certain tasks that are outlined when you hover over them on the character selection screen. The unlock criteria may be as simple as surviving a fixed number of nights or require that you meet certain challenges like surviving eight nights without firing your weapon. The early kids spawn with different weapons while those you unlock later on have buffs related to the game’s skill tree abilities.

Anyone familiar with the sleep aid RestAid? I haven't found any outside reviews on it except for their website

All I found: 13J2BQI?showViewpoints=1 0TTNR3O/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?%5Fenco ding=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

Has anybody tried RestAid, the sleep-aid pill? Should i buy?

I'm looking for a sleeping pill that is natural and not addictive. I found this website,, and the product that gets the best reviews is RestAid. Has anyone tried it? In the webpage they make it look lik ethe perfect sleeping aid pill,

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to relax, combat stress and to get good quality sleep and it is not addictive.
You can be taught self hypnosis by going to see a Hypnotherapist or get a self help CD (or download)

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to relax, combat stress and to get good quality sleep and it is not addictive.
You can be taught self hypnosis by going to see a Hypnotherapist or get a self help CD (or download)