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Get tested for cancer, men told

MEN as young as 30 are being diagnosed with prostate cancer, says renowned surgeon and educator Dr Frederick Merchant.

Speaking at the Rotaract Club of Nadi New Horizons' Mad Hatters Tea Party fundraiser on Saturday, he said prostate cancer was an uncomfortable topic for men around the world and Fiji was no exception.

"Men are the providers, they are looked up to as big and strong and any hint of ill-health is viewed as a sign of weakness," he said.

"So while this is still a taboo subject for many Fijian men, the mind-set is slowly changing.

"And the more we have forums like this fundraiser and other-related events where the issue is discussed openly among people who have been through other forms of cancer, the more men will find it easier to discuss the issue and get regular checks."

Dr Merchant added because men were being diagnosed with prostate cancer at an earlier age, it was advisable for them to undergo checks from 30 years of age.

Small Penis and Premature Ejaculation?

I have a four inch Penis and a bad case of premature ejaculation. I am afraid to seek out woman because I am afraid that this condition will lead them to easily dismiss me. Do you think that I am doomed to never lead a happy life with a woman I love?

Exercise To Cure Premature Ejaculation

The Start Stop Technique : The basic technique is stimulation of the penis until just before the point of orgasm, and then stopping stimulation until arousal is lower. Start stimulating again and the

find a woman that it doesn't matter much to. I she loves you she'll love you whatever size you are. besides, believe it or not, a real woman cares less about size than most men do

Ok, I'm not a woman, I'm a man. What we have here is a failure of logic. If you're afraid to seek out a partner, you're never going to find one. end of story. if you've got a little performance anxiety, and I'm sure it's only Ron Jeremy that doesn't ever

While having foreplay, there was premature ejaculation. In order that the fluid should not fall off, my boyfri?

While having foreplay, there was premature ejaculation. In order that the fluid should not fall off, my boyfriend took it on his fingers and then washed his hands with water. After about 2 min later, he started fingering me for 5 minutes then we stopped.

firstly i havent understood that how were u late by 30hours...
Contraceptive pills can be taken till 72hours or 3 days of having unprotected sex. You took it the next day of having intercourse and also that description of yours of 'withdrawal blood'

it is not have t b penetration to come pregnant..

Finger may not be carrier otherwise doctors can develope this technology to transfer sperms from one person to any ovum .(by logic i think so)