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Savage Love Letter of the Day: He's Perfect, But a Premie

I've spent most of my sexual life in a wonderfully fulfilling and satisfying slut phase, and just as I grew tired of that lifestyle I landed in the arms of an incredible man. We fell in love very quickly and developed a pretty idyllic relationship... with one problem. He struggles with premature ejaculation. At first, in the throws of young love, it wasn't a problem, but now that we've been dating for nearly a year it's caused me to almost completely lose interest in sex with him. I love foreplay, but I can really only get off from PIV sex, which we can sustain for about 10-30 seconds depending on the amount of movement, so our sexy times are totally unsatisfying for me. On top of that, I'm very into kink, rough sex, and BDSM, and right now those are totally out of our wheelhouse as a couple. How am I supposed to be sub to a man who can't control his orgasm?

Outside of our quickly dwindling sex life, I love, respect, and adore this man and could see myself building a life with him long term, but sex is SO important for both of us and the health of our relationship. He has definitely noticed my decline in libido and it bums us both out. We've talked about it endlessly and can't come up with a solution. I don't want it to escalate to an insurmountable problem and I NEED HELP! What can we try? Therapy? Meds? Novocaine? I'm willing to do anything to save our sex life.

does weed causes premature ejaculation? or cause the penis to decrease in size?

my bf and i have been together for over a year and for the last 4 months he started smoking weed and he has been cumming faster than usual. hes not getting as big as he use to ne more and im getting worried and not satisfied ne more. what can i do to

Marijuana desensitizes you (as all psychotropic drugs do), both mentally and physically. Also, in men it will lower sperm counts (production). Women can develop erratic menstrual cycles and both males and females can develop many problems in regards

that must suck

try stop smoking..if it comes back to normal then it is the cause

does Horney goat weed prevent Premature ejaculation?

kinda just wonder cause it does a few other things sexually.

It may slow it down, but PE has other factors to consider as well

Horny goat weed doesn't do sh!t. That stuff is just a scam. 95% of herbal medicines don't do anything. They almost always fail the rigors of scientific investigation.