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premature ejaculation with age

Men could beat erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation by doing pelvic floor muscle exercises

Pelvic floor exercises could help men overcome erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, physiotherapists say. 

Such exercises are common among women, with them recommended for mothers-to-be to lower their risk of incontinence.

But research now suggests they could help around three quarters of men battling either of the common sexual issues.

Stopping urination midstream is one way of tightening the muscles, building their strength and control. Drawing the testicles upwards is another. 

In the first study of its kind, experts analysed data from 650 men who used pelvic floor exercises to combat their ED and premature ejaculation.

The academic team, from James Cook University in Australia, found 47 of patients with ED admitted the exercises helped.

And the results were even more impressive for premature ejaculation, with 83 per cent having confessed that they worked. 

Chris Myers, study co-author, explained weak pelvic floor muscles 'may directly impact erectile strength and the ejaculatory process'.

Premature Ejaculation Young Age?

Hey im about 17 years old and I'm having a problem. I have a tough time getting an erection and sometimes its soft- its not very hard. Overthat when I do get it up, I fall apart in like 10 seconds. When i was with my girlfriend, we started playing around

You are just a little too excited. try to think of something be sides the girl. that way u wont be so pre mature. u c just think about a ball game. or something besides the girl when u feel it coming on. or out.

Don't get so uptight about it. Maybe you are putting too much pressure on yourself, or maybe you are masturbating too much. Go for a couple of days without touching yourself and see if that doesn't improve your hard-on. Good luck.

Age 15 premature ejaculation ?

hey uhm well lemme just get to the point me and my girl were about to have sex and this was going to be my first time and u had cummed before i had evem went inside of her. i hated it soo much ijus couldnt stand it. ithink ihave premature ejaculation

Last time I checked us ladies love it when guys ejaculate... I don't think there is a problem with it but I'm not a guy.

every man is born with premature ejaculation you just have to lear how to control it. masturbate and try to hold your 'load' for about 15 minutes. also masturbate and *** before sex and you will last longer. good luck (: