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    DrFormulas Menopause Supplements for Relief, Support and Weight Loss | Black Cohosh Extract for Hot Flashes, Vitamins, Dong Quai, 60 Count Complex
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    Bio Prosper Labs

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    • Mendapause is a comprehensive menopause supplement that combines 12 different herbal ingredients to help support hormone levels through peri-menopause and menopause. It includes the phytoestrogenic ingredients soy isoflavones, licorice and red clover.
    • 60 capsules, a 30-day supply
    • Supporting Ingredients: False unicorn, chaste berry (vitex berry), wild yam, red raspberry, squaw vine, blessed thistle and dong quai.
    • This unique blend of ingredients addresses the common menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, irritability and low energy.
    • Made in the USA under the National Sanitation Foundation guidelines for quality assurance. Your safety is our priority.

    Dr. Tobias Menopause Supplement for Menopausal Support & Hot Flash Relief - Natural Help for PMS, Adrenal & Hormone Balance, Women’s Health & Well-being
    Health and Beauty (Dr. Tobias)

    Dr. Tobias

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    Price: $44.53
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    • 60 Capsules, made according to cGMP stardards. Buy with pride, take with confidence and enjoy the ease.
    • Supports Emotional Well Being - with Dong Quai, Red Raspberry & Red Clover
    • Heart, Beauty and Libido Support - Herbal Supplement Ideal for Women over 40
    • Effective formula to help balance hormones - to feel free and at ease
    • With Dong Quai ("Women's Ginseng"), Red Raspbery and Red Clover - a unique combination of herbs and soy isoflavones

Treating menopause symptoms

Treating menopause symptoms If menopause occurs too soon, can this be stopped? Premature menopause can occur as a result of genetics, medical conditions, surgical therapies and treatment for cancer. Although the event of premature menopause cannot often be controlled or

Hot Flash Treatment Lies in Chinese Herb Mix

Hot Flash Treatment Lies in Chinese Herb Mix An conspicuous hot flash treatment may be just a few herbs away, a new Chinese burn the midnight oil suggests. According to Reuters Health, a mix of traditional Chinese herbs may take ease menopausal hot flashes because of its weak estrogen-like enterprise.

COOL OFF -- New Natural Herbal Towelettes Now Available Throughout Texas

Unemotional OFF, the new icy cold – natural herbal towelette provides immediate and eternal heat relief, and is great to use anytime to cool down or refresh. COOL OFF is an severally-wrapped icy cold towelette infused with all natural cooling herbs,

HRT linked to Breast Cancer World-Wide

A library published in March this year in the Acupuncture in Medicine had revealed that this Household Chinese medicine does curb the severity of hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. A treatment arrange is based on each individuals symptoms designed

As HRT safety debate hots up, we've got lots of tips to help you overcome the menopause naturally

DEBBI McVEIGH, 47, lives in Telford, Shropshire and started with menopausal symptoms a year ago. She says:

"The hot flushes were terrible at first – I’d feel them start in my feet and work their way up my body.

They came from nowhere and I’d be boiling hot and red as a beetroot.

I was also waking up through the night, drenched with sweat, and not feeling quite as sharp as usual.

I saw my GP and told him I felt nervous about HRT because I’d heard it could increase your chance of cancer.

He suggested trying herbal tablets instead.

A friend said sage-leaf tablets worked for her and, after four months of taking them, my symptoms began to ease.

Now I don’t have any at all.

I’ll try coming off them soon.

I’m hoping I’ve passed through the menopause by now.

But if any of the symptoms do come back, then I will just go straight back on to them."


MENO HERBAL SUPPORT contains soya, red clover, hops, sage, alfalfa and flaxseeds to help naturally regulate oestrogen levels.

I want to stop taking my thyroid medication.....?

I've been on thyroid medication for about 4-5 years. I was tested and my levels were slightly below normal. After a few months and more blood tests, my doctor recommended levothyroxine for hypothyroidism. I didn't realize this until recently.... but

I know what your feeling, having hypothyroidism myself. I am also 39 and have been taking Levothyroxine for 8 years. You need to continue taking your medication, this is very important. Read this article hyroidism-topic-overview

you had better speak to a doctor

Your thyroid level will fall again if you don't take medication.
Talk to your pharmacist & ask his/her advice.

Try calling Invite Health ask to speak to Jerry Hickey (pharmacist/nutritionist/biochemist) or a nutritionist or naturopath

Effective Alternative Menopause Treatment?

Hey guys i am asking this on behalf of my mum. She is currently going through the menopause and her hot flushes get her really bad and she gets really agitated, she does not want HRT because of all of its side effects and has been advised against Any

There are some soy products made for that but can't remember the name of it. Check at Walmart or a drug store and ask the clerk to help you.

The pharmacy has a product not prescription also called hrt that is only herbs. Inside the box it has a list of all the herbs and what each do. I took it for years, like you mom I didn't want hormone meds either for the same reason.