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zoloft and premature ejaculation

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'Why can't I orgasm on anti-depressants?'

Now to give you some context – this was in reference to a candid conversation I was recently having with two of my best girlfriends (you know the type, the ones that you can talk to about anything and everything). My friend has recently started taking anti-depressants and, until this divine moment, was unable to orgasm.

I, myself, know this catastrophe all too well. I was prescribed Zoloft a couple of years ago, and along with being numbed from my roller coaster of emotions, I was also numb in important lady areas. At the time I was in a long-term relationship where, let's just say, we had the whole routine down to perfection (and if he wasn't around, I had no problems completing the routine solo). But no matter how hard I tried – for those long six months I just couldn't get there.

So you can imagine how happy (and proud!) I was for my friend – she had achieved what no doubt many women taking anti-depressants had ruled out as impossible. But this made me wonder; exactly why is it so hard for women to orgasm while they're on meds?

When I stopped using an SSRI (Zoloft), I noticed I starting having problems with premature ejaculation. Help?

I was taking Lexapro for a while and it made it tougher to ejaculate, but I think when I went off it I just returned to normal. Then I switched to Zoloft for a short time, and ever since stopping that I've had trouble with premature ejaculation (it's

Question for you did the zoloft or lexapro get you harder than you did in the past without the antideppresents

Is there a mental approach to preventing premature ejaculation?

I don't masturbate much, and I'd rather save it and blow a HUGE Peter North size load. I have heard taking an SSRI like ZOLOFT a few hours before activity can delay ejaculation. Any insight?

just relax and take it easy, try not to get all worked up

Think Baseball!

my husband says it helps to think about the