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3 Reasons Why One Night-Stands are Not for Everyone

…Well, then, one-night stands may not be for you. Why not? Well, if you get attached way too quickly, there’s no way in hell you won’t fall in love with the girl you just hooked up with. Seriously. One-night stands aren’t for the weak of heart, if you know what I mean. So, you pick up your date; take her home for some stress-free, one-time sex that is off the chain. You do the deed and leave…but you can’t stop thinking about her. She’s on your mind and you contemplate whether you could see yourself with her for the long haul…STOP. You are running head first into a big pile of mess – and some pretty hurt feelings. Save yourself some grief and put that thought out of your head. It was a one-night stand, nothing more and nothing less. Then, never have another one-night stand again – they simply aren’t for you.

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You’re trying to find a “the one”

why would i get blisters on my penis from using a premature ejaculation spray?

i recently started using a spray called indian god lotion.. it increases my sexual performance from 10 minutes to 2 hours. ive only used it like 3 times...but last time i used it appears that i developed very tiny blisters on the tip of my penis?? should

Now I've read it all.


premature ejaculation nasal spray, does it work?

hi, i just read this article premature ejaculation nasal spray, does it really work, i want to try it but some people said it's very expensive.
therefore, before using i want to get some idea about it.



pre mature ejaculation nasal sprays have certain anti depressants and some kinds of pain killers in them that relax your muscles during sex. For people who tend to ejaculate pre maturely, this is highly beneficial because what

wow...i would imagine that you would spray something like that on your

Sounds interesting... it might work!

Ive been able to cure my premature ejaculation with some ejaculation control exercises/training... check this out:

"What techniques REALLY work to overcome Premature Ejaculation"