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Can premature ejaculation spray rescue the sagging fortune of this Hong Kong firm and improve the sex lives of Asian men? - Asean+

. As many as 140 million men in mainland China are estimated to suffer from impotence. An equal number of people may be afflicted with premature ejaculation, typically defined as the condition of less than two minutes of ejaculatory latency time.

“For every thousand men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, another thousand suffer from this as well,” Regent’s chief scientific officer Michael Wyllie said in a 2016 interview.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction is a multibillion dollar industry in Asia, with a range of cures that run the gamut from folk remedies like rhinoceros horn powder to Western drugs such as Pfizer’s Viagra.

Fortacin, developed by the British drug maker Plethora Solutions to treat premature ejaculation, was a spray with low doses of the anaesthetics lidocaine and prilocaine, which took effect almost immediately upon application, and can reduce sensitivity to stimulation, Gibson said.

Regent bought Plethora in 2016 for £102.9 million (US$131 million), making the product available in the European Union since late 2016 through its Italian partner Recordati. The drug is still pending an approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the US.

why would i get blisters on my penis from using a premature ejaculation spray?

i recently started using a spray called indian god lotion.. it increases my sexual performance from 10 minutes to 2 hours. ive only used it like 3 times...but last time i used it appears that i developed very tiny blisters on the tip of my penis?? should

Now I've read it all.


premature ejaculation nasal spray, does it work?

hi, i just read this article premature ejaculation nasal spray, does it really work, i want to try it but some people said it's very expensive.
therefore, before using i want to get some idea about it.



pre mature ejaculation nasal sprays have certain anti depressants and some kinds of pain killers in them that relax your muscles during sex. For people who tend to ejaculate pre maturely, this is highly beneficial because what

wow...i would imagine that you would spray something like that on your

Sounds interesting... it might work!

Ive been able to cure my premature ejaculation with some ejaculation control exercises/training... check this out:

"What techniques REALLY work to overcome Premature Ejaculation"