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MP Minister defends drug trials on mentally sick

MP Minister defends drug trials on mentally sick Bhopal: Ecclesiastic of state for medical education Mahendra Hardia on Monday justified testing of drugs developed specifically for premature ejaculation on mentally challenged persons. His altercation was that sexual problems cause depression and trials are

Sexual malfunction drug tried out on mentally ill patients in Indore

Sexual malfunction drug tried out on mentally ill patients in Indore INDORE: As many as 233 mentally-ill patients were subjected to clinical trials to receipt the efficacy of Dapoxetine, a drug to cure premature ejaculation, and some anti-depressants. The trials were conducted by Domination doctors of the Mental Hospital

Five Indore doctors hauled up

Around 233 patients in Indore were subjected to clinical trials to confirmation the efficacy of drugs, including 42 patients for Dapoxetine, a drug familiar to cure premature ejaculation. An independent team of investigators - sent by the DCGI - submitted its

Ampio Pharmaceuticals Schedules Webcast to Update Shareholders

the articles below: A Randomized Double-dealing-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Security of Two Doses of the Tramadol Orally Disintegrating Tablet for the Treatment of Premature Ejaculation Within Less Than 2 Minutes.

Veru Inc. to Participate in Upcoming Financial Conferences

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Can anyone suggest a cure for premature ejaculation. Drug or non-drug solution?

I don't care if it's a prescribed drug or non-drug solution but love making should be longer than 2 minutes in my book
This is for my partner who is too shy to seek help - I am on;y too happy to oblige as I am as frustrated as he is
This is

Confucious say : Man who have stiff problem at night
Wake up with solution in hand
In morning

take your time. chill and relax.

Masturbate more

Is there an over the counter drug for premature ejaculation!

lol....I don't think so....

Mine please?; _ylt=AjBjUhIxJ2Yr81LCagQi6a7sy6IX;_ylv=3 ?qid=20080807094737AARKHUR

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