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His biggest sex secrets

His biggest sex secrets "Premature ejaculation, which technically means reaching orgasm in less than two minutes, affects about one-third of men," explains Kerner. And even if your BF or silence lasts longer, his ego is wrapped up in his stamina, so it's still on his mind.

Sexual Breakthroughs of 2011

Sexual Breakthroughs of 2011 We're culture a lot more about premature ejaculation and how to treat it. Good assessment is key both for men who always ejaculate prematurely (which requires pharmacological intervention) and those who do so only in some circumstances (which requires

Address sexual dysfunction!

People with hypothyroid are less reactive and have premature ejaculation and low sex ride herd on hint at.” Another cause is lack of nutrition, due to which a person cannot reach descent. “The deficiency of vitamin B and C is also responsible for low sexual desire,”

Causes of poor bed performance and how to overcome it

Premature ejaculation is when an ejaculation occurs before the partner achieves orgasm, or a mutually satisfactory length of time has passed during intercourse especially that is the first two minutes.

Society pressure

Men worry that their capacity to please a woman alters how they're seen by the public and women bother that men are going to judge them for their bodies or abilities. This type of persuasion is worsened by the way that people are so public with their lives these days, often making societal pressure worse.

Porn and masturbation

Porn and masturbation not only makes you not to enjoy sex with your partner but also increases your partner's physical and sexual features.

These worries make your body to respond less to sexual arousals or even when it does respond to these stimulations the body fails to sustain it. However,the good news is that these anxieties can be cured.

Overcoming sexual performance anxiety needs more patience because it not

How to fix premature ejaculation?

I've been dating with my boyfriend for 6 months, and I really in love with him.
But the past 2 months have been a nightmare for our sex live. He reached the climax too fast, leaving me upset and that also slowly disrupting our relationship.

Don't worry, you are not alone! At least I knew my wife had the same feeling a couple of months ago.
Yes, I was having the same problem with your boyfriend!
It's true, YOU can not fix it, but you may help HIM to overcome it.

He needs to be treated by a doctor. It's a sexual dysfunction, he can go to a doctor or a sex therapist for treatment. But it's not something you can heal on your own.


1) he's got to learn that the clit is key to female orgasm... certain techniques, like the coital alignment technique provide maximum pleasure to your clit, with minimum stimulation to his penis.

2) To take mental and physical control over

what is the best way to fix premature ejaculation?

I've been researching and trying many remedies for about a year now but nothing has helped yet. Please help me out.


You need to relax. Also, the more you are concentrating on pleasing her and less on how you are performing, the less likely you are to ejaculate prematurely.