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    Edge Delay Gel. Ultimate Staying Power: Natural, Prolonging and Desensitizing Delay for Men. NO Lidocaine, Non-Numbing Long Lasting! Pocket Size Tube! (7 mL)
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    List Price: $29.95
    Price: $15.95
    You Save: $14.00 (47%)

    • ULTIMATE STAYING POWER: Edge Delay Gel has a bonus of giving you a much greater build up during sex resulting in the ultimate orgasm and keep him on the Edge and his partner in ecstasy!
    • ALL NATURAL: Improved formula includes gingko biloba leaf extracts, horny goat weed, and jojoba oil. Contains NO Lidocaine or similar which means NO Numbing! The silky water-based formula is PH balanced and completely safe for use with condoms. Completely KISSABLE!
    • HER SATISFACTION: Edge Delay helps you attain your sexual goals. This includes making your sexual partner satisfied and happy.
    • POCKET SIZE TUBE: The package is compact, and your partner can hardly notice you are using it. Comfortable to keep it in your pocket
    • FULL SENSATION: Non-numbing formula gives greater sensation. Gives him full sensation while still delaying his orgasm and helps intensify orgasms.

    Stimula for Men - Sex Lubricant Male Genital Desensitizing Gel Prevent Premature Ejaculation Sexual Performance Enhancer Climax Control Water-based Sexual Lube Stay Hard Foreplay to Orgasm…
    Health and Beauty (

    List Price: $19.95
    Price: $19.95

    • Water-based Sexual Lubricant Gel for Men. Increase Male Sexual Stamina and Longevity During Sexual Activity
    • Clear, Odorless Sex Gel, Leaves No Stains or Mess. Single Use Package Keep with You to Use at Any Time.
    • Stimula for Men Sex Lubricant Male Genital Desensitizer Each Box Contains 12 Individual use Packets.
    • Prevent Premature Ejaculation Sexual Performance Enhancer Extended Pleasure
    • Water-based Sexual Lube Designed for Men Suffering from Premature Ejaculation Issues.

MIDAS: Futura, Burberry and Wolf Minerals head our portfolio of share tips

Futura has exhausted ten years researching and developing its lotions but this year should see the launch of two main products – a condom that helps maintain and even enhance erections and a extent for men suffering from occasional premature ejaculation.

Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTMKTS:INNV) Launches Higher on Major New Pilot Program

One of the more remarkable reasons we follow small and micro-cap names is because they can explode higher by a massive magnitude with little or no warning, such as we saw out of Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTMKTS:INNV) on Wednesday. Behind the move, the company just announced that it has entered into a pilot program with the nationwide pharmaceutical chain CVS Pharmacy, Inc., which is a subsidiary of CVS Health Corp (NYSE: CVS), to sell the Company’s product Androferti, to increase sperm quality.

According to the release, “If successful, the CVS pilot program could lead to the national pharmacy stocking and selling Androferti on a scalable level nationwide and could expand to add additional Innovus Pharma products. Androferti is a patented dietary supplement shown in multiple published clinical trials to statistically increase seminal quality (concentration, motility, morphology and vitality) and enhance spermatozoa quality (decreases of vacuoles in the sperm nucleus, decreases DNA fragmentation, decreases the dynamics of sperm DNA fragmentation, and improvement on the inventory of mobile sperm.”

Premature ejaculation gels or cream?

I want to order from internet the best premature ejaculation gel, cream, or spray that is available on the internet.
I would like to see customer reviews on the internet.
Any suggestions ?

The Premature ejaculation features hypersensitivity of Glans penis.So for external application local anasthetic creams or their sprays are prescribed. Most popular are lignocaine based creams or sprays. They can be applied just before sex.

calm down man.
your still young

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Check out this website and see if it answers you question... th.php

What is the best cream, gel or spray that prevents premature ejaculation and alllows you to have longer sex?

suggest products that work for you i dont need vigra but a safe good alternative that works really well

do some yoga really works so you don't have to waste money on those stupid products

durex proforma numbs you for a while