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    Herbal Capsules to Cure ED, Stop Premature Ejaculation and Restore Male Functions, Made of All Organic Medicines 50pcs.
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    • Description: This is a revolutionary male enhancer made from extraction of natural medical herbs that can stop premature ejaculation effectively. It is formulated on the basis of a Chinese ancient secret formula which had been protected by the royal family of Ming Dynasty for hundreds of years, the traditional medical herbs are extracted and purified through a sophisticated high-tech modern process and Formulated, when the Formula are quickly digested in stomach by stomach acid,
    • and blood carries the essence of the medicine directly to the target area of the penis and prostate to provide them with nutrition & energy and nourish them if taken for a consecutive period of time. The medicine can also sterilize the fungus and bacteria probably existed at the secret organs which cause inflammation and infection which are the main causes of ED, prostatitis, premature ejaculation, lack of interest and stamina. Unlike other drug enhancers like Viagra
    • The most significant difference of these Formula from the traditional drug treatment of premature ejaculation is that these Formula can prolong the time essentially and maintain the sense of pleasure as well, because we do not adopt the anaesthesia treatment like that of Viagra, we use the energy-nourish method with natural herbals, nature has all the cures, as long as we have faith in it.
    • Dosage 1. Before intercourse, take 2-3 pcs with warm water or alcohol drink, the Formula will need 15-25 minutes to take effect, and the erectile status will be kept on for a prolonged pleasant experience. 2. These Formula can be taken on a daily basis 3 Formula/day, one Formula each time, take after meal with warm water or alcohol drink, in this way, your penis will be enlarged and lengthened gradually for a consecutive period of no less than 2 months.
    • or other Sildenafil based drugs which has side effects like headache, flushing, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, etc, these Formula are the extraction and purification of 100% natural medical herbs harvested from organic plants, they do not have any recorded side effects on our clinical experiments and 2 million sales' consumer reports. The most significant difference of these Formula from the traditional drug treatment of premature ejaculation is that these Formula

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Tiger Monarch male enhancement pill used in China for the successful treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, and Premature Ejaculation. Tiger Royal is now being sold in the US and AU, Europe. ( 4 kinds of language specification). Patients with momentous blood

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What is the BEST herbal solution to stop Premature Ejaculation?

hi, I seem to come very fat everytime. And have difficulty to satisfy my wife. I wonder if there are any good herbal solution or herbal cure to stop premature ejaculation? Hope someone here can provide me the herbal premature ejaculation cure.

hi, there is a very good product locally in Borneo, Malaysia. It is called Gambir Sarawak. It is natural herb product, obtained from the Gambir plant. It can be seen along the main road facing the waterfront in Kuching city. A lot of west Malaysian come

Go with tabasco.

Wasabi powder on the tip helps wonders.

What stores can i buy sexual herbal products for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction?

Dont give me websites. I want to know if they sell these herbal products at pharmacies like cvs wallgreans or anyother stores.

year ago my husband suffered very much from Erectile Dysfunction too and he started trying everything you can imagine to stop Erectile Dysfunction. the things that really work is:

1) Increase your intake of L-arginine. Your body uses this

There are several herbs in Ayurveda which act as Aphrodisiac, by improving mental and physical health and also by improving the sperm count and semen quality.
The herbs are -
Myristica fragrans (nut meg - part used - seed kernel, Jatiphala

Herbal remedies are a milti-billion dollar a year business. Go to any of those stores, including Chinese Herbal shops and they will sell you anything you want to buy. Does it work, of course not.