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Sport Formula Introduction

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What's a good multi vitamin protien powder?

I'm looking for a protien powder that helps build a lot of muscle. I know creatine can potentially damage your liver so I don't want anything like that but I'm looking for something that is more than just whey protien. Also something that doesn't taste

good luck finding something that doesn't tastes awful...i take animal pak(multi) and body tech whey...they work fine for me...

What is a good protein powder that doubles as a multi-vitamin supplement?

I am 25, and not interested in bulking up, but more interested in turning my good BMI into toned muscle, and basically having a daily powder that will also ensure I am meeting my RDI for vitamins and minerals. I do eat healthy, but i'm sure I don't get

Check out the Vitamins and supplements from Nutrilite.... I know you'll find what your looking for... I get them at password health
They offer free shipping on orders over $75.00

Our bodies do not require alot of protein... If a person consumes over 50 grams per day, the body attempts to get rid of the access by pulling calcium out of the bones.