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    Massage Therapist Quote Dictionary Book Page Artwork Print Picture Poster Home Office Bedroom Nursery Kitchen Wall Decor - unframed
    Home (Ready Prints)

    Ready Prints

    List Price: $11.99
    Price: $11.99

    • We use dictionaries dated from 1960-2010 depending on the dictionary used at time of print the color of your page will vary from off white to a golden aged hue due to oxidation.
    • The frame is not included. Each print measures approx. 8.5 inches x 11 inches and will fit an 8x10 frame or a larger frame with a matte.
    • Our graphics are printed on actual dictionary pages that have been removed from recycled dictionaries.
    • We use a combination of solid and transparent images creating a unique one of a kind print.
    • Your print will have the exact image shown however the actual dictionary page will vary.

    Parksmoonprints Massage Therapist Quote Vintage Dictionary Page Wall Art Print Picture Beauty
    Home (Homemade)


    List Price: $7.50
    Price: $7.50

    • Upcycled 1933 Dictionary Print / Wall Art
    • Massage Therapist Quote Vintage Dictionary Page Wall Art Print Picture Beauty
    • ** Mounts Available - Please see my other listings **
    • Please note the print is unframed & unmounted
    • Page Size - Width 7.5 inches x Length 10.5 inches

Psychic healer to the stars who claimed to have contacted Princess Diana is ...

Psychic healer to the stars who claimed to have contacted Princess Diana is ... 'You convinced this childlike woman who I consider to be enormously naive, that a proper therapy was for her to massage you. 'Your demeanour was a gross breach of trust designed exclusively for your sexual reward. 'I accept you have done much good

The Ultimate Spa Experience Awaits at The-Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

Frantic lava shells are used to soothe tired feet old to a full body massage using warmed aromatic oils and deep medicinal strokes to melt away muscle stress and leave you idea relaxed and revitalized. -- Radiance Facial with Jade Stone Eye.

Steiner Leisure Limited Announces Appointment of Glenn Fusfield as President ...

We also vend our products on certain British Airways flights, on QVC, by catalog, and online through our websites, including and ; Our promulgate secondary schools offer programs in massage therapy and skin vigilance, Survey Finds Free Wi-Fi is the Make it or Break it Factor in Hotel ...

This ranked above air purifiers/humidifiers, stoned-end coffee makers, iPod dock, massage chairs, video spirited systems, universal remote rooms and workout equipment/DVDs. Edibles and BeverageSecond to technology, guests are most pleased when their favorite

Additional Victims Sought After 2 Women Report Being Sexually Assaulted by Massage Therapist in Mission Viejo

Qing Dai, 40, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of assaulting woman at Sunny’s Massage, which he owns and also works at as a massage therapist, according to a press release from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies were first approached about Dai’s alleged conduct on May 16, when a woman reported he sexually assaulted her during her one-hour massage at his business, located at 24000 Alicia Parkway. A second woman reported she was also sexually assaulted during her massage on June 15, officials said.

Deputies said one of the victims was a 37-year-old woman but did not provide any further details about the victims.

As detectives were looking into the claims, they discovered two previous Sunny’s Massage customers had lodged similar allegations.

Dai, a Mission Viejo resident, was being held in Orange County jail on suspicion of sexual battery.

Officials said they believe there could be additional victims because of the length of time Dai has been the registered owner of Sunny’s Massage and worked as a massage therapist, though they did not disclose how long that had been.

Tipping farrier/massage therapist?

I am having a new farrier come out tonight. His wife also does massage therapy and will be treating my mare. They prefer my question, how many of you tip? I have in the past if they have gone above and beyond (no shoeing..just trim), but normally

mountaingrrl70 - exactly. These individuals are self-employed small business owners, they make their own money. They set their prices accordingly. Honestly I do not feel tipping is really neccessary in this situation.

I have tipped my

Thats their job, they get paid for. You don't need to tip either of them.

I have never tipped a farrier and I do not think massage therapist need the tips also. I mean to me they charge enough and there is no reason for the tips but I guess it depends on where you are at. I know you tip grooms at shows (as I was a groom)

What kind of bachlorette party did you have?

What did you do? Where did you go? What kind of food did you have? Drinks? How many girls did you have with you? how did yall get there, who drove?

We are not having a tradition wedding. So i don't really have a maid of honor...more like

i think thats a great idea...but you may want to call a taxi service to get you from place to place or if you have the money to spare rent a limo to drive you around so that you will be able to drink with the rest of them if you want...danielle!

Didn't have one. I know people want to have fun, but I cringe when I hear bar hopping and strip clubs. Just don't drink and drive, ok?

only one old friend showed up and they were so depressed from the divorce. they just came and ate, drank a bottle of champagne and threw up and left. nobody even called to explain ever. i never told my new hubby. he has turned out to be alcoholic and