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Massage Therapist On Staten Island

Wellness Center Announces Staten Island Holistic Treatment

STATEN ISLAND, NY, Jan 11, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Bring into contact with Stone Rehabilitation & Health Center in Staten Island announced that the practice offers holistic treatments, including massage analysis, physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Tell Your Story With This New Nationwide Massage PR Campaign

“People loved the fact that I equated all of us to this ugly bug [while] talking about beauty and our bodies without picking [a photo] of a voluptuous woman or a muscle-bound guy,” Brown said. “It was just this bug and talking about how we can appreciate our body for what is—for what we all have as it is.”

This story about Brown and the wheel bug illustrates Brown’s creative nature, which he is now channeling into a nationwide PR campaign for massage therapists.

Man on a Mission

Brown, a licensed massage therapist since 2004, is on a mission to help massage therapists better market themselves and give positive exposure to the entire profession.

To that end, he is launching a free, nationwide, 10-day massage marketing challenge called These Hands Create . It’s a free 10-day Instagram challenge to help you promote and grow your massage practice, and it begins on Jan. 29.

“For me, it was about how do we tell our stories so we can attract the people looking for us but at the same time uplift the profession as a whole?” he said.