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Tub Surfing

A bathtub can add a wow factor to your life like no other acquisition in your home.  A nice tub will enliven the room that you see first thing every day. What was once little more than a functional device is now potentially an oasis for relaxation.

Much more than the iconic 60’s vixen submerged in bubbles, modern features bring you a spa experience right in your own home. Futuristic features and artful shapes are some of the perks that your parents didn’t have when the standard 60-inch built-in tub was the norm.  Life is good when we can easily tap into the nuances of modern life. For trying on a tub in Tucson, and in fact all of Arizona, there is no better gallery showroom than Benjamin Supply .  Their showroom has more than 30 tubs on display.

Before sliding into one for a test drive, consider the dimensions suited to your bathroom. Trends are moving from the standard built-in tub to standalone versions that float alone in the space. The tub may stand on feet, or be skirted or encased with custom-built panels with a stone, tile, or marble deck. Freestanding bathtubs once were reserved for custom homes but now are appearing at every home value level.

where can i find the best massage therapist in Tucson, AZ?

trial and error, or a recommendation from a friend are the only two ways that i know.

Massage therapy per hour?

If there is any Massage Therapists in Tucson that has been in the business a while please help! Can you work per hour anywhere or does it have to be per massage and where. I worked somewhere where it was per massage and I honestly like a set income.

I am not a therapist , I am just a massage therapy client. I would say that most massage therapists get paid per massage.
There is also another option and that is you rent a room at a massage therapy clinic.