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Take your wellness to the next level with these unique experiences

On a recent getaway to the outskirts of Scottsdale , I took a stroll through the Sonoran Desert. Not any old stroll, but a guided walk with survivalist and plant expert Cat Thor.

Thor (real name!) leads a nature walk teaching guests at Civana – a wellness resort in Carefree, Arizona – about the healing plants of the desert. Sharing fascinating details that Native Americans have known for hundreds of years, Thor explains how to find food and water, and points out plants that can be used medicinally.

"People are afraid of the desert because they think there’s no food and water, but when they learn a few simple things, it’s not so hard to survive. I like to teach people how to see things differently," Thor says.

The guided walk was one of many daily classes at Civana that guests can participate in, and I chose it because I’ve been on the hunt for non-traditional wellness experiences that go beyond a relaxation massage or age-defying facial.

where can i find the best massage therapist in Tucson, AZ?

trial and error, or a recommendation from a friend are the only two ways that i know.

Massage therapy per hour?

If there is any Massage Therapists in Tucson that has been in the business a while please help! Can you work per hour anywhere or does it have to be per massage and where. I worked somewhere where it was per massage and I honestly like a set income.

I am not a therapist , I am just a massage therapy client. I would say that most massage therapists get paid per massage.
There is also another option and that is you rent a room at a massage therapy clinic.