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Parents, schools step up efforts to combat food-allergy bullying

Bullying takes many forms, but when it involves a food that triggers severe allergies, it could be potentially deadly.

Once, when Brandon Williams, a 16-year-old from Kentucky, was on a trip with his bowling team, his teammate decided to eat some food from McDonald's on Williams' bed. One item had so much mayonnaise that it dripped onto Williams' bed and jacket. But for Williams, who was diagnosed with a life-threatening egg allergy when he was one, it was a potentially dangerous situation. "I told the person not to eat on my bed," Williams recalls. His teammate just smiled at him, then he shoved the mayonnaise-laden sandwich in Williams' face.

It's always the same. People wave food near Williams that they know he can't eat. They see him and yell, "Hey let's feed this guy egg." It's not original, all the jokes are the same kind of thing, Williams says, yet the bullying carries an undercurrent of risk. "It wouldn't be funny to break someone's arm to send them to the hospital," Williams says. "Why would it be funny to send someone to the hospital for an allergy?"

Asthma or repeated bronchitis - Does moving to Texas or AZ really make it better?

My grandmother moved to AZ years ago due to asthma complicated by pnemonia and she never had a repeated bout of this. My brother with asthma moved from MN to FL and 10 years later had asthma problems again (allergy induced asthma). I now have problems

My Dad has really bad seasonal allergies (pollen, ragweed, etc.) and when we lived in WA he actually had to go to the doctor to have allergy shots, much like the flu shot they inject a minute amount of the strain into your body so it can fight it off

Dry climate is what helps.

a dryer climate MAY help, but I really doubt it. It will merely change whatever allergens caused the problems in the first place.

The high dry climate was originally for TB patients!!! Doctors thought it might help asthmatics as well, but

Is it normal to not have Asthma in the summer?

My step son comes to live with us in the summer, and visits us in the winter. We live in Minnesota and he is in Texas during the school year. During the school year he is sick often and has been diagnosed with Asthma.My question is, is it normal that

It's probably due to the cold air. Warm air is easy on the respiratory tract, but cold air is more harsh and therefore probably aggravates his airway more causing it to become inflamed.

Yes, it is common to do better is summer, esp in another state.