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Dietitian Vs Dietician

Become a pro in the science of good eating

A dietician could be twisted in developing anything from a new breakfast cereal to packet soups or better intemperate-food menus. Running alongside dietetics is training for nutritionists. Historically, the footing "nutritionist" could be loosely used by anyone

Selling healthy eating in the aisles

The HyVee in Columbia, Mo., employs a dietician in a bid to explain finding healthy foods. (Jessica Naudziunas/Harvest Community Media) Walk into your neighborhood grocery store looking for sturdy food and you might get lost amid a sea of confusing

Dietician puts nutrition back into recipe favorites

By Jessica Belasco, Comestibles WRITER For dietitian Jan Tilley, good-for-you food is anything but boring with dishes such as Cajun Shrimp Pasta. Photo: Darren Abate / HC Dietitian Jan Tilley prepares cajun shrimp pasta, Monday, Nov.

Dietician offers nutritional makeovers

Paula Alflen, a registered dietician, is contribution “nutritional health makeovers” through her new endeavor called “In Taste Wellness.” “After years of raising my girls, I am now getting back to my dietetics field,” said Alflen, whose life before

Delaware Board Tries to Limit Telehealth Use for Nutritionists

State officials have said the board’s goal is to protect the health and safety of patients and ensure that the healthcare provider establishes a proper relationship with a new patient before moving to a virtual platform.

The proposal could affect thousands of nutrition therapy specialists who offer such services as follow-up care for post-discharge hospital patients, health plan consults, chronic care management and home nutrition programs for seniors and those with disabilities. In fact, medical nutrition therapy is included in the list of services reimbursable under Medicare and Delaware’s Medicaid program, and is recognized as a reimbursable benefit by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Indian Health Services, as well as several private payers.

Among those disagreeing with the board’s proposal is the Federal Trade Commission, which is arguing that nutritionists and dieticians should be able to determine whether to use telehealth as a first means of contact with a patient.

weight watcher vs dietitian?

I need your opinions so I went to a dietician and she gave me a meal plan to follow I have stayed on the meal plan consistently for about a month I have lost about 3-4 pounds. She did give me this meal plan back in may but I was unable to stay on it

What difference does it make what you do if you have no intention of sticking to it?