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Asthma Hypoxemia

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Egalet Presented New Data at PAINWEEK Demonstrating Potential of ARYMO ER to Deter Opioid Abuse

, MD, chief medical officer at Egalet. "In addition, another study looked at the motivation behind individuals progressing from oral abuse, which is particularly relevant given the ongoing opioid epidemic, and one for which there is little data. The study showed that the majority of abusers do progress to more dangerous, non-oral routes of abuse. This is why we believe ARYMO ER and other abuse-deterrent opioids could play an important role in deterring opioid abuse."

Misuse/abuse of opioids often involves manipulation (eg. chewing, crushing or dissolving) of the drug to get it into an abuseable form for alternative routes of administration (eg. intranasal or intravenous) and/or to achieve a quicker and more potent euphoric effect. To make manipulation more difficult, abuse-deterrent (AD) formulations, such as ARYMO ER, were developed. ARYMO ER is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved AD opioid indicated for the management of pain severe enough to require daily,