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3 places to take a fun, kid-free vacation

My best advice for a happy marriage? If you get the opportunity to take a kid-free trip as a couple, do it. I know a lot of parents have anxiety over leaving their children for the first (or tenth) time, but your little ones will be just fine while you’re gone and, trust me, your relationship will be all the better for it. (Also, hello, sleeping in for the first time in five years.) You’ll return from your vacation refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle parental duties once again. Here are a few of my favorite places to visit sans kids. 

Galena, IL

Don’t feel like venturing too far on your first kidless excursion? The historic town of Galena in northwestern Illinois is just far away enough to feel like a “vacation” without having to leave the state. Book a room at one of Galena’s many adorable bed and breakfasts or if you want to be in the middle of it all, stay at the DeSoto House Hotel on Main Street. 

Galena has pretty much everything you could want in a quaint weekend getaway: wineries, antique shops, romantic restaurants and scenic views for miles. Fall is my favorite time to visit (the foliage is gorgeous), but you can find more lodging availability if you go during the spring and summer months. Winter also has its pluses, since Galena is known for having amazing ski trails. However you end up spending your time, you’ll leave wanting to make Galena an annual trip. Good thing the town is just a three hour drive from Chicago.