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    Red And Black 72"L Portable Massage Table Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame Salon SPA Chair Beauty Height Adjustable Foldable Table Tattoo Parlor Facial Bed Multi Purpose Professional Home Therapy
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    List Price: $150.99
    Price: $150.99

    • 2" Ultra Comfortable Thick Padding with Hardwood Construction.
    • Adjustable table height: 7 levels. Ideal for professional physical therapists, chiropractors, therapy students, and home users.                    
    • High quality and brand new. 3 section massage table. Comfortable, oil- and water-proof PVC leather covering.
    • Sturdy, expertly crafted with a sturdy Aluminum frame. Portable - Easy to fold and unfold and comes with a free carry case.
    • Removable side arm rests allows the therapist to cater for larger clients and with the adjustable head rest allows the client to be put in different positions.

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