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Looking back at the sports stars of 2011

Sunshine Coast Inferno switch out the Point Grey Firecrackers 2-0 in their final U15 gold division cup partnership of the season. Inferno played impressive soccer, dominating the sward and holding possession for most of the game. • The Elphinstone bantam girls

The 2011 year in review

The 2011 year in review Nutritionists whine. Libertarians cheer defeat of the Nanny state. Malibu, which for many years dead and buried was a favorite landing place for smugglers, has once again become a destination of choice: not for felonious whiskey but for today's cash crops,

Habitat for Humanity receives health care grant, breaks ground on Oxnard project

A housing nonprofit such as Habitat for Humanity may not be a traditional partner for health care agencies but that is starting to change, said Dale Villani, chief executive officer of Gold Coast Health Plan, a public agency serving Ventura County Medi-Cal members.

"There's a fair number of homeless people in Ventura County and many of them are actual members of Gold Coast Health Plan," Villani said. "We like our members to have safe and healthy homes to live in."

Villani said there are many factors in determining a person's health and they include a healthy living environment.

"Health care is really looking at the whole person," he said.

The health plan grant, totaling $1.5 million, was awarded to 16 local organizations including FOOD Share, Brain Injury Center of Ventura County and Mixteco Indigena Community Organizing Project. There were 23 groups that applied for the grant.