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India: Garlic lowers blood pressure in hypertensive patients

It is an conspicuous part of the Ayurveda system of medicine. It has also been used in other ancient medicinal systems including the Chinese, Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek and Roman. Its use has ranged from the treatment of hypertension, infections,

Global Traditional Medicine Market to Reach US$114 Billion by 2015, According ...

Ritual Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Treatment, Manipulation, and Ayurveda are widely practiced in Asian and African countries, and are gaining compass basis at a healthy rate in the developed world as well.

Trivandrum To Host Global Ayurveda Festival

Ayurveda pharmaceutical players, herbal prescription experts, doctors, scientists and students. Papers can be submitted on topics ranging from Diabetes, Hypertension & Coronary, Pluck Disease, Liver Disorders, Neurological Diseases, Pulmonary diseases,

Health fair during PBD to promote traditional medicines

Dean secretary (ayurveda) Ashok Shekhar said, "We have called experts, who will talk about the increasing cases of diabetes, hypertension and indentation among urban residents." Experts from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and other states

Lower your blood pressure naturally, here's how ayurveda and yoga help you bring it down

High blood pressure, or hypertension, patients, take note. If you have the symptoms of high blood pressure, you need to take immediate steps to bring it down. According to the latest figures of the National Family Health Survey, one in eight Indian suffers from high blood pressure. A lifestyle disease, it is also called a ‘silent killer’ its symptoms aren’t obvious till it is too late. Much like other lifestyle diseases, you just need to make a few tweaks to your lifestyle to protect yourself from the disease. Experts say it is possible to reduce high blood pressure naturally at home . A number of experts say that ayurvedic treatment for high blood pressure is an effective way to manage the disease.

Dr Priyanka Sampat, senior doctor at Birla Ayurveda, says that Ayurvedic medicines like Jatamansi, Sarpagandha, and Amalaki (prescribed by doctors) can be helpful. “If high blood pressure is caused by eating untimely food or refrigerated food, then dry ginger can help. If it is due to intake of junk food, then try herbs like Malabar nut (vasa), silk cotton tree (Katankari) or green potato (Parol). If it is the result of stress, anxiety and intake of alcohol or acidic food, then sandalwood, lotus, and Shatavari can be of help,” says Dr Sampat, who also recommends Panchakarma or the set of 5 therapies that help in clearing toxins from the body.

Which is the best medication Siddha/Homeo /Ayurveda to reduce Hypertension ?

Hi I'd like to know in India which medicine is good to reduce hypertension

I wont like to go far alopathy (english medicine ) pl guide me /help me ?

At any point its yoga which would serve best

more than medicine try yoga exercises like pranayama or deep breathing exercises, meditation. they wil really be effective. u can control salt intake in food and avoid to much oil and junk food.

Please have a Medi Lip analysis and if you have any increase in Lipids, please post another question. If the results are normal, please use following stuffs.
Tab Bipasil 0-0-2
Tab Lomedas 1-1-1

is there any alternative treatment to avoid liver transplant?

I am suffering from lover cirrhosis and potral hypertension.After a couple of episodes of vomiting blood the doctor is advising a transplant.If there were any alternative therapy in ayurveda or any other system of medicine kindly send me the details.

While continuing under the monitoring of your doctor, since you have time even if you opt for a transplant, homeopathy can be quite effective depending on how far your cirrhosis has progressed. Minimally, homeopathy can help with ongoing symptoms and

Unfortunately, from your brief description, there is no alternative .

Cirrhosis means that the functional cells of your liver (hepatocytes) have been replaced by scar tissue, most commonly from exposure to toxins like alcohol, or infections

If your condition has reached the point of transplant, there is no alternative.
Alternative medicine can offer a lot of help in a lot of situations, but there are no miracle cures available just by drinking the right tea or doing the right yoga