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Massage Therapist Business Cards

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    Massage Therapist Business Card Holder*MADE IN THE USA #413
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    Jades Menagerie

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    Price: $6.99

    • Conceals and protects your passport
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    • Unique gift for your favorite massage therapist

    Hipiwe Shoulder Style Essential Oils Carrying Case Essential Oil Soft Travel Carrier Bag with Foam Insert for 5, 10, 15 Milliliter Bottles 42 Compartments Sturdy Double Zipper Purple
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    Price: $20.99

    • Premium quality & smart design - 2 compartments are strategically designed to provide ample space for oil vials. One compartment has netted slots for oils and the other has a foam padding holder for your oils,they don't touch any two bottles together which makes it great for travel.
    • The essential oil bag also has a full length inside zipper pocket for literature or other paperwork and essentials, like business cards, papers, money etc.
    • Rest assured this essential oil carrying case will make storing your essential oils safe and easy. Protecting essential oil from being hurt by sunlight or extreme changes in ambient temperature.
    • 2 carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, perfect for your trip, workspace and fits right in your luggage. Whether you are a massage therapist, teaching an essential oil class or storing your oils safely at home, this case will exceed your needs every day and So convenient to carry with you wherever.
    • This large essential oils carrying case holds 42 bottles of essential oils (size 5ml, 10ml, 15ml). The bottle openings are designed best for 15ml bottles, but can hold other sizes by keeping case upright. (It can't fit 30ml oil bottles)

Bringing Some 'Loving Healing' to the NFL

This certified massage therapist is part of the bodywork band that helps the Broncos play to their potential. “I'm part of a prominently picture,” Boisits tells me in our recent interview. “It's incredible being a cog.” A Colorado-registered neuromuscular

Massage parlor workers charged with sex crimes

The arrests occurred at 6:50 pm Officers obtained a search be answerable for and returned to the business about 10:32 pm, police said. A search of the premises turned up business cards and mat "conducive to the massage and prostitution trades," Ratte said.

Here's the Plan

Nine times out of ten, it isn't that they're not a wizard massage therapist that leads to their failure. Most of the time, it is a lack of careful planning that leads to the demise. Here's a actuality check: Almost no business is profitable during the

Business Briefs

Shannon Rose, who offers special training services, has moved her business to 128 E. 14th St. in the Riverfront Edifice. Besides personal training, Rose teaches kickboxing classes and sports yoga. Certified massage therapist Michelle Swanson

You Can Gain Many More Spa Clients—If You Follow This 4-Step Plan

Never fear … there is always hope for bringing in more business and spa clients through a variety of simple yet strategic marketing activities. While marketing is not always a popular topic for massage therapists, it is a vital one.

In fact, this often-shunned practice modality is the one that can help you make all the rest of them a success.

The definition I like best for marketing is this: Marketing is anything that touches spa clients and makes them want to see you for the first time or the next time—or, perhaps if you aren’t doing it well—for the last time.

Here are a few ways to encourage new and returning clients to try new things, thus adding a little hustle and bustle to the serenity of the spa, through a variety of promotions.

While each scenario is a little different, four different types are highlighted below.

Scenario 1: Massage for the First Time

If you are a practitioner joining a spa, salon or other business that is adding massage therapy for the first time, you may have to begin with basic education about the benefits of massage and the fact that it is now available in your establishment.

Does anyone know of any websites where i can find business cards for massage therapists?

I'm looking to start my own small bus. and i don't know what to put on the card. I don't want vista print. I am actually looking for something like hot stone rocks, a palm tree leaf, or candles but i don't know where to find them. If anyone has any ideas

If you google 'business cards' you'll see a lot of places and many of them have templates - one may be close to what you're looking for.

Alternatively you can pay a graphic artist to design you one.

Try they have great images. Just make sure you check out the creative commons use policy for the photo you want to use.

Where and how do I pass out my business cards? I'm a massage therapist.?

any help would be appreciated. tell me when you would want to be approached and how, so that you would be the most receptive?

You can give them out really anywhere. Stores, clients, and I recommend you get involved with some of your citys activitys, and you can go to your chamber of commerce meetings and pass them out along with some great social networking.

Make sure you give several to your clients and they can pass it on for you. That is a good way. Start a conversation with someone in the store grocery line and somehow it will always lead to what you do and then give them a card.