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    Dynarex Ammonia Inhalants, 33 Cc, 10 Ampules
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    • These powerful ammonia inhalant ampoules, sometimes known as smelling salts, provide immediate relief of lightheadedness.
    • Crushable to open quickly and easily
    • Ammonia inhalant to prevent or treat fainting
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    • Single use

    The Backpod - Premium Treatment for Neck, Upper Back and Headache Pain from hunching over Smartphones and Computers. Also for Costochondritis, Tietze's Syndrome, Asthma and Perfect Posture
    Beauty (Bodystance)


    List Price: $89.99
    Price: $89.99

    • COMPUTER BACK PAIN AND HUNCHING - treatment for hunched upper back pain driving neck pain and headache. For all people who get sore bending forwards - especially smartphone, laptop and tablet users.
    • ESPECIALLY - for Costochondritis, Tietze's Syndrome, Asthma, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rib Pain in Pregnancy, Scoliosis, Scheuermann's Disease. Designed to stretch free tight rib joints causing the breastbone pain of costochondritis and Tietze's Syndrome (read the reviews), and also rib pain in pregnancy. A freer rib cage allows better breathing in asthma and athletes
    • MULTIPLE INTERNATIONAL AWARD-WINNING Backpod developed in New Zealand from 30 years' expertise in what actually works in treating spines.
    • PAIN-FREE PERFECT POSTURE - the Backpod package is specifically designed to pull a hunched spine back towards pain-free perfect posture. Home care program includes the simple strengthening, stretching, massage and posture found most effective. It's not just the pain and headache - a hunching spine sends a message of submission and lack of self-confidence. Perfect posture gets attention.
    • SAVE MONEY - by reducing the need for expensive manipulation treatments to keep unlocking your spine. Just accurately stretch the joints free and keep them free yourself.

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Study spotlights inappropriate prescribing in urgent care

Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the University of Utah, and the Pew Charitable Trusts report that 45.7% of patients who visited urgent care centers in 2014 for respiratory illnesses that don't require antibiotics end up with prescriptions for those conditions, followed by 24.6% of patients treated in emergency departments (EDs), 17% of patients who went to medical offices, and 14.4% of patients who visited retail clinics. The findings are based on analyses of 2014 claims data from patients with employer-sponsored health insurance.

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quick fix for asthma,?

i am getting married on saturday and my asthma has flared up and i am constantly coughing, i am taking prednisolone, brycanyl, beclomethasone and serevent but nothing is helping. advice will be greatfully recieved
stepping up my nebulizer treatment

I would try using a steam inhalation before taking your inhaled medications. That way your lungs are opened further and it allows the medication to get deeper into your lungs where it is needed. If you get chesty during the day, I would do this as

Go see your doctor!

I have used steriods, cough syrup, and vapor rub just to temporarily open up airways. It doesn't work for long but it helps. IF you think you have an infection on top of asthma i would ask for an antibiotic. Hope that helps. Good luck and congrat

Temporary fix for a few days without an inhaler?

I've got an appointment at my asthma clinic on the 5th July, that was the earlier available date. The date now is 29th June, both my inhalers have run out and I am finding that I wake up at night wheezing, but then have nothing to treat it with. Apart

here are some natural remedies....but mostly tells u what to do do u do not get an attack or minimize it emedies_for_asthma/

i humidifier might help u at night with breathing....

here are some natural remedies....but mostly tells u what to do do u do not get an attack or minimize it emedies_for_asthma/

i humidifier might help u at night with breathing....

Can you not see a regular GP in the meantime to get new prescriptions for your inhalers? I know this is obvious, but asthma is a life threatening condition and if you can't go without your inhalers for even a few days, then you need to make absolutely