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High blood pressure? Try an operation which hot-wires your kidneys

High blood pressure? Try an operation which hot-wires your kidneys 'Based on the attest so far, this is an important development in hypertension therapy,' says Dr Mel Lobo, expert and clinical hypertension specialist at Bart's & the London NHS Trust. Thirty per cent of UK adults have expensive blood pressure.

Home truths about high blood pressure

Home truths about high blood pressure Then there are claims and counterclaims about the r of salt in elevating blood pressure, and the suspicion that a new hypertension polypill, Sevikar HCT, now handy on the NHS, could be prescribed to everyone over the age of 55 as a matter of

MP David Gauke sees medical technology in action at Medtronic

the NHS to establish f get on the most of their resources at a time when the service is trying to make savings. Among the therapies that Mr Gauke saw was a new treatment for treatment-immovable hypertension (high blood pressure) called renal denervation (RDN).

Hypnotension not Hypertension

Paul Howard, spokesman for The Hypnotension™ slate said, “Hypnotension works by tackling the lifestyle factors that insist on high blood pressure. Doctors and the NHS in the UK simply do not have the resources to face up to them effectively.

Four-in-one pill 'effective' for high blood pressure

"Four-in-one 'miracle' pill to cure high blood pressure," is the headline on Mail Online.

This is based on early research from Australia looking at the effect of a four-in-one "quadpill" on high blood pressure .

The idea behind the quadpill is that by combining four hypertension drugs at a much lower dose than they are normally used, you still get a beneficial effect, but you minimise the risk of side effects.

In a small study involving only 18 people, the quadpill was compared to placebo (a dummy treatment).

While they were taking the drug all 18 people had a greater reduction in blood pressure compared with when they were taking the placebo.

While the prospect of a blood pressure-lowering drug with fewer side effects is exciting, it is important to remember that this was a very small study.

As only 18 people took the drug for just four weeks, and the quadpill was not compared to full strength blood pressure pills, we don't know yet if it is a "miracle" or just a useful option.