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Lecture to examine inactivity, disease

Obesity Upsurge, also provides Canadian data that says 14 per cent of boys and 10 per cent of girls are now considered stout. Saunders also has a popular blog called the Obesity Panacea, which can be found at

Why medical science often gets it wrong

Why medical science often gets it wrong one gazette -- or even a multitude of papers; it's an ongoing process and one that often involves conflicting findings, as sports medicine researcher and science blogger Travis Saunders suggested recently on the blog he co-authors, Obesity Panacea.

Blame Farm Subsidies, Not Nutritionists, For America's Obesity Problem

Blame Farm Subsidies, Not Nutritionists, For America's Obesity Problem While harsh out subsidies wouldn't be a panacea for the obesity issue, it would certainly ameliorate some of the systemic phoneyness and perversity that has made us overweight. Here's hoping our next farm bill looks in reality different than the

Exploring a tenuous link

Exploring a tenuous link A newspaper and its audiences are endlessly searching for panacea to all sorts of frailties. In the function, a sense of identity, from the national level downwards, is forged and deepened. suffer hanker - winded speeches.

Is obesity to blame for men's falling sperm counts?

A recent study that made international headlines suggested that sperm counts of adult men of Western countries have dropped by over 50% during the past 40 years. The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction Update looked at data on approximately 43,000 men who participated in 185 studies between 1973 and 2011. Although we often hear a growing concern about the over-population of the planet, and the potential for humanity to outstrip the earth’s resources, this data points to a whole other problem; the possibility that humans may become unable to continue to reproduce.

The above statement may sound like it belongs in some dystopian novel, but a yearly 1.4% decline in sperm count among men is a worrying trend, especially when that trend line is projected another few decades into the future. Given what this change may portend for the human race, you’d think we’d be on the verge of solving the problem. And yet, we still have no idea why sperm counts are dropping so rapidly.

Conservatives, as part of your quest to end illegal immigration and government intervention in markets...?

would you support abolishing the subsidies to big agribusiness? The Mexican farmers can't compete and it wrecks the Mexican economy, incentivizing immigration to the USA by any means necessary. Get rid of the subsidies, the illegal immigrants either

Yes. The government isn't here to subsidize anything. Its here to protect our borders and enforce our laws. Our government currently does very little of either.

Can't support that, sorry.

Lock the boarders!