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    The Plot Against Asthma and Allergy Patients: Asthma, Allergies, Migraine, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are Curable, but the Cure is Hidden from the Patients
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    On consumption of the lungs, or, Decline and its successful treatment: Showing that formidable disease to be curable in all its stages : with ... colds, asthma, chronic bronchitis, &c., &c
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Advocating for invisAbilities

Advocating for invisAbilities Now known as Hidden Chronic Illnesses (ICI) and informally as “InvisAbilities,” these illnesses deal the following characteristics: invisible, chronic, and not yet curable. Most include pain and weakness that are both clinically hard to define and

DIY BEAUTY: Mint your own beauty potions

DIY BEAUTY: Mint your own beauty potions It is also employed for treating various digestive ailments, and is proved to be very effective in curing IBS - Cross bowel syndrome; the antifungal properties of mint play a very energetic role in treating and curing asthma as well as various allergic

In the UK, Diabetes Often Coupled With Other Health Problems

Diabetes is a primary health-related challenge in the UK Although diabetes is not a curable condition, Type 2 diabetes is avoidable if managed decently. Major causes of diabetes-related deaths are failure to obtain the proper healthcare and

What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Could Hurt You or Someone You Love

What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Could Hurt You or Someone You Love This is a rare, but often misdiagnosed, accustom that resembles asthma but is not asthma and does not respond to asthma medications. Having a diagnoses after 20 years of searching was indeed adequate news. The bad news is there is no cure and no treatment

VCU prof receives NIH grant for child asthma collaboration

RVA Breathes will focus on elementary schoolchildren and provide coordinated asthma care across four sectors — the family, home, community and medical care.

Children and their families will be randomly selected to participate in a clinical trial that will include a 12-month follow-up to assess the impact of the program on child asthma outcomes.

The program calls for community health workers with the Washington-based Institute for Public Health Innovation to help teach families and children about asthma management.

The Richmond City Health District’s Healthy Homes Initiative also will work with families to remove asthma triggers in the home. And public school nurses will work with children in the classroom.

“This project will test our ability to successfully introduce evidence-based community interventions that are specifically customized for use in Richmond and to sustain these efforts once the research component is finished,” said Dr. Michael Schechter, professor and chief of pulmonary medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

Is asthma curable permanently?

When I was little I had really bad asthma I used to get sick a lot and basically I spent most of my life at hospitals because of this. I moved to the USA when I was 9 and the asthma completely went away is there an explanation for this?
I'm 16

Im no doctor (im im too lazy to google heh) but i dont think its actually curable but i think mayhaps you can get to a point where its not a problem. Like guy above me said i think as you get older (depending on your lifestyle of course) you can be in

my brother had it bad as a child, but as he got older it got less prevalent and he hasnt many problems with it anymore. so i guess the older u get the stronger the lungs got maybe

Well asthma cannot be cured, but it can get stable and attack will not appear very often, usually asthma attack is cause by the environment, some people are more sensitive to dust and will have more attacks, it various. Its good that you have no asthma

Do think that asthma will ever be curable?

I hope so, I was diagnosed with it about two months ago, and I can't stand it, even with all the medications I take.
I get so mad at myself when I start to feel self-pity; I think about how I'm lucky enough not to have cancer or AIDS, but it never

I sure hope so too, I've been on asthma medications for twelve years and it's terrible. The worst one by far is prednisone.

Asthma is a disease that you can not cure. But, with proper medication and life style you can live a long happy life. Use the link below to learn ways of controlling your asthma. The more you know, the less you'll feel like you have asthma.