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Asthma Attack No Inhaler

Puerto Rico struggles with jump in asthma cases post-Maria

Shortly after he turned 2, Yadriel Hernandez started struggling to breathe. His doctor prescribed an inhaler and an allergy pill for asthma, and his symptoms were mostly under control.

Then Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, strewing mold-producing wreckage across the island and forcing many to use fume-spewing generators for power. The boy, now 8, started having twice-monthly attacks and needing nearly four times the amount of medicine he used to take.

His mother said weekly power outages in their coastal town of Aguadilla also feed his anxiety, which can make symptoms worse. He panics about not being able to turn on the plug-in nebulizer that helps control his attacks.

"The lights go out and he breaks down," said Johana Hernandez. "He cries out, 'The power is gone, mom! The power is gone! I'm going to have an asthma attack!'"

Doctors in Puerto Rico say they are seeing an alarming rise in the number and severity of asthma cases that they attribute to destruction caused by the deadly hurricane that walloped the island in September. The chronic lung disease is caused by such things as pollution, airborne mold and pollen, all of which have increased post-Maria.

How can you stop an asthma attack without an inhaler?

I've had asthma for a while now but no matter what i do when i get an asthma attack it takes forever to stop it if i dont have my inhaler. Any techniques to help stop one or atleast calm it down?

Many of the answers below could actually WORSEN your asthma, such as a humidifier, if your asthma is triggered by HUMIDITY, which many people have! Don't try these until you find out what your "triggers" are!

For the time being,

i believe strong coffee will help

My son has Asthma and his inhaler does not help. We had to invest in an air pump and put him on Xopenex mist to clam his attacks. You might want to talk to your doctor about getting one, your insurance should cover it.

Asthma attack, no inhaler??!?

What can you do to help your breathing when you are having an asthma attack and don't have your inhaler with you? Thanks!

i have asthma and hav experienced this
u hav to stay very calm dont panic
breath very slowly and control ur breathing
get ur breathing regular
until you are calm and ur breathing pattern goes back to normal
hop i can

black coffee, doesn't have to be hot. Helps me every time

If you have severe asthma, you don't want to put off treatment. Get to an ER or urgent care center. If it's mild, take a steam shower, fix some coffee and take a spoonful of honey.